Stories that lived

I will never look
At the stars the same,
Or not imagine a story
Taking birth in the
Endless civilizations
Some past,some yet to pass;
I will wait for feelings
Which have alien names
And strange creatures
With familiar feelings
To visit my bookshelf again.
And I will smile
At the paper animals
Prancing in a kids cupboard
And letters from mothers
And fathers choking my
Words, melting on my lips.
I will count on you
And your stories
And I will live
A little more happy.
This is a dedication to the book The Paper Menagerie and other stories by Ken Liu. It is a brilliant collection of his best work and the stories are a world that you want to never step out. The title story won the Science fiction’s top 3 awards – Hugo , Nebula and world fantasy one. Please read the story here and you will see why I loved the book and why this poem.
This poem is written from a prompt given at Toads.

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  1. I love the thought of stories that takes into new worlds and shows things we already love dressed in different faces, or new things that makes us sing the tunes that have always made us happiest. Your passion describing your feelings towards the tales brings smiles to my heart. Thank you. I’m adding it to my list. ????

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