Walking away ? #FridayFotofiction

two friends
It was becoming less frequent from an year but it still happened. One day he would be smiling at everyone and the next , he would be back to the hill. Sitting at the corner , he too knew he should not be this close to the mouth of the valley. Hell, he should not be here at all. But , this was a constant struggle in his head. Today, the call of the mountains won.
That’s when he saw a familiar figure walking towards him.
“What took you so long ? Another minute and I was walking away”
“The teashop owner told me you ordered two cups”
He did not know how, but his best friend was always there to take him out if his mood swings. He smiled as he was led back to sanity.
This is my 100(ish) word story for

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  1. I have been blessed to have my friends with me during some really difficult times. Glad to see the protagonist of your story having his friend turn up at the right time.

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