#Thankfulthursday To life ..

The world thrives on stories of hope,
Little cracked,but surviving homes;
I live each moment in awe
From when life picked me first
So out of line, yet so full of want;
You are home to me,my world,
The only constant reminder,
My prayers and wishes answered;
No matter what changes around,
Am blessed;love can be found
If you raise a toast for the gifts
That equally to strangers, you receive to give.
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Today’s prompt by Tina & Amrita’s page for thankful Thursday post is about Home. I have always found home with people and not in places. So this is a verse dedicated to the friends and my husband who have made home in my heart. Also Jamie asked us to write a poem on raising a toast to life. This is my thankful verse for life for the blessings and the constant reminder that there always is love around when you give that freely to others.
Also linking this poem to Open Link night.
Leaving another verse about being light for yourself and others that I am glad I learned some how , even if a little late ..
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Stay blessed !

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  1. Gratitude is quite difficult to express – ‘thank you’ can be overused. I love the way you say that life picked you and that you were:
    ‘So out of line, yet so full of want’
    and that you see the world as your home and a constant reminder of answered prayers and wishes
    ‘If you raise a toast for the gifts
    That equally to strangers, you receive to give’ – that’s gratitude!.

  2. I’m reminded of a quote from Edwin Markham: “There is a destiny that makes us brothers; no one goes this way alone; what we send into the lives of others comes back into our own.” To receive, to give … and the world would be a better place. Great write!

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