Love in drafts

You have know it so well,
Like lines of my own hand,
No touch , no words, no sight
Yet, our meeting would not be right.
You love me not for yourself
But it’s a kindness we allow,
It’s complete in its own silence
Hence dangerous is it’s existence.
What’s for you to lose, I question
You own me,owe me in equal parts
One hug, one kiss, one hurried meet
That’s all I asked,just make this wish.
I am married , you remind me
No thanks to you, I say
Now we are being cruel on purpose,
We have to,there is no saner way.
The meeting was never fixed,
Nor any pretense to make it happen
I loved in the emails saved in drafts,
You loved me in pictures of past.
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Post note : We all have that one person whom we first thought to settle with and even when that dream shattered , we kept the hopes alive with ample amount of lonely tears. Even after I got married to THE BEST guy I ever could meet ,I kept the hopes of one day meeting this old lover and perhaps ask him why I was ghosted from his life. ’cause it hurt real bad. But it’s been over two years I have not blamed myself for that or wanted to ever see this person. This poem was a milestone to this letting go. I did not want to write this story but got inspired by #ForgivingFriday prompt for the week.
I let go of thoughts that tie me to people for whom I don’t even exist.

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  1. This is so incredibly beautiful. I honor you for letting go … and I hear you how writing this poem was a tremendous step in this process for you. I am touched and moved by your courage and willingness to take that step. ????
    Thank you for contributing this for #ForgivingFridays. I’ll highlight it in my blog post this coming Friday…. with gratitude.
    Many blessings, and welcome to my blog. Come by anytime! Debbie

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