Never lose hopes..

The last week has been a real mixed bag of emotions. As much as I am thankful and excited and almost happy about this wonderful opportunity to be in Canada for work purpose , it is still more overwhelming being alone , being cold and over that searching for a home to stay in such a short notice.
It feels like a repetition to be sharing same fears and worries with my husband and my mother back in India ; to be eating really tasteless soulless food ( I am too spoilt with home made food since I got married five years back ) ; and looking at the world through my hotel window for about 5 hours a day , waiting for my friends and family to get up so I can talk to them ( and vice versa )
And I know this too shall pass.

I know as soon as I find a place to rent , I would start making it my space , and that would tie me to this country better.
I know I won’t be alone once my husband joins me ( I hope soon ) and yes , thats what is really eating me – being away from him.
Last night’s email from Saurabh talked about the movie Inside Out and about controlling our emotions. That plus the lesson that two of my dear friends have been drilling into me about being positive and inviting positive affirmations into my life and not repel my blessings ; made me feel a little guilty about how low I been feeling and reacting. A house I was supposed to check out tomorrow got leased today afternoon and when I expressed my disappointment , the owner lady was so nice to say that perhaps I deserved a better place. Like who really says so about their own property ! That totally moved me. Such people are a rare breed and I would feel so glad to have her as my landlady any day.
So , this post is about forgiving myself for losing sight of the reason I decided to come to this place alone. This post is more about gathering my hopes up and looking forward to being at a place that’s been marked for me.
*Fingers crossed* I will find it soon.
Written for #ForgivingFridays and #FridayReflections

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  1. I hear you. Hugs.
    The cold weather and loneliness together make for a tough task master. I’m sure that the ray of positive Sunshine thought has uplifted your spirits by now and you got to lay hands on better place! Things do fall in place, all one needs a little more patience, isnt it?
    Have a great time ahead.

  2. I’m sure a place will present itself soon. We are in for some very cold weather all across the north American continent – hope you can stay warm and positive!! Hold onto the happy thoughts!!

  3. It is a huge leap of faith to move to another country, even if it is work related. I wish you all the best and know something will come along and your husband will be there soon. Take care.

  4. Oh this is so beautiful, Lady Nimue. I appreciate how you use Self-forgiveness to keep up your hopes about your move and see the good in everything that happens. That is so Self-honoring and wise!
    You may also consider an extra bonus step with Self-forgiveness, that of forgiving yourself for placing the judgment to begin with! It’s a really neat concept that you can practice. See my post here for info:
    You are alsowelcome to email me at We can talk more.
    I’ll share this for my next Forgiving Fridays! Should be tomorrow or if not, then next week. ????
    Lots of love and Light to you on your home adventure. Hang in there!

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