The trash cleaner

Photo Credit: CE Ayr

It’s the second day , the trash can has not been cleared. The can is almost full. It will last just one more day before the trash spills onto the corner.
He doesn’t like that , but it’s the only way.
The corner started to disappear under the trash. It didn’t stink much as there is less food thrown in this part of the town. The poor never have enough to waste.
The mountain of trash started blocking the traffic on the corner. Calls were made to check why the cleaner on this route to has not cleared the can this week. He doesn’t respond to the calls. Or the messages. He knows no one else would do this job on such short notice. Finally the supervisor visits him to check if he is well. He only wanted his family to know he was needed. He wanted his city to respect him for keeping the city clean all his life. He was proud of his job and wanted to be known for it
Later …
The city decided to dedicate a day to celebrate these silent workers every year. There has never been a dirty corner ever again.

Written for Sunday Photo fiction

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