The woodden benches

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

The benches lay haphazardly , finished yet not so. They were not polished , painted , or attached to the tables. It would then have  been sent to the community school that ordered them for its park. But the new management decided to have stone benches instead and save on the annual maintenance.

He had not set foot in the workshop since that day. His only passion was in making the benches for the school every year. In months to come,he lost his daughter to demon of dreams. The demon took over her spirit and crushed her dreams. She had been walking with a dead look in her eyes since then. Many kids succumbed to the demon soon and the town now was all silent and gloomy.

It was the travelling sage had convinced the management about the power of the forest. The ancient trees fought the demon and that’s why the benches were only made of the wood from the forest. The town people knew it but have lost the faith as the stories passed to new generations.

He wished it wasn’t too late as he started to work on the benches again.


Written for Sunday Photo fiction

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