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It started with one of my favorite twitter person starting his newsletter – #SoG ( a daily one ! ) A few months later I subscribed to newsletter of another inspiring lady from twitter and it kind of made me love this mode of communication. It is as private as much it is public , almost like a blog but this one I read in my emails and can respond immediately and directly to the writer. So a few more newsletter subscriptions later , I wanted to try my own. And that’s how “Letters By Prats” started two weeks back.

Yesterday when I was searching for a poem to share , I came across Reena’s exploration challenge and it took me to a time when I had fallen into a pattern of being down and out.

Every silver cloud , was sabotaged by my own attitude and insecurities. The worst part of all this was that I completely botched one of my best friendships during that phase and it’s never been same since. It drained the best of people around me in personal space , to make me stop being so bitter and full of resentments, but it was to no avail. and even today , months and miles away from that feeling , I am never too sure when I might slip into the old habit..

Bigger egos , smaller eyes,

heart so cold , hands clutched tight,

away from sanity , the words go,

accustomed to darkness,

the weak ones will grow..

And that inspired my second poem I shared hoping it finds resonance and helps someone battle the darkness just one more day ! While I can not turn back time and teach myself those lessons earlier , I do hope to never have to live through a moment when I lose faith on myself. It hasn’t been easy , but it has been indeed a huge learning and turning point that I hope I can share better with others and spread positive vibes , in all ways possible. This realization is what I decided to link to Trent’s call for weekly smiles because I have pledged to treat all that life throws at me with first a smile and then probably try not to run away all times ๐Ÿ˜›

Also linked to #MondayMusings where you can find some interesting thoughts.

PS: If you subscribe to any good newsletter, please share the link.

Spread the love, spread the word ..

8 thoughts on “Newsletter of positive vibes”

  1. Good luck with the newsletter. I did try one a couple of years ago, but never had time to read it. It does seem odd that I am able to carve out time for reading blogs. Maybe its because I can pick and chose what and when I read while the newsletter feels like an obligation (though it is not). I also get a newsletter about once every two months from another blogger. That’s more my style ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Silver linings are sometimes hard to see, particularly when the clouds are so dark. Glad you found this silver lining. I liked the poem you posted here and will go over and look at the second one.

  2. We all go through these times. But self-awareness and learning to pick ourselves up again is key. One thing I’ve learned is that guilt doesn’t help. I remember reading someplace that ‘you did the best you could with what you had – now you know better, you do better’.

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