What makes “me” ?

Earth, water, air, space, and void;
The physical me is this combined.
My mother’s lessons, my father’s hopes;
my siblings imprints on my thoughts.
shredding the cloak of childhood so safe,
the rebellious teens paved their own way.
stepping out of home, the adult me
blindly searched to recognize my voice
out of the air, ideas begin to emerge
verses call out, mostly out of rhythm;
rejecting all that is real, or should be dear
words become the face of who I want to be;
I become the words, the ideas, the songs
grounded in clouds, I fly along.


Written for dVerse Poetics Prompt

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11 thoughts on “What makes “me” ?”

  1. Ah, grounded I clouds, we ALL fly along, I think, guided by our choices, influenced by our peers, and only occasionally in control!

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