PHOTO PROMPT ยฉย Sandra Crook

As she took the train to her town again, she hoped today, she had the courage to get off the train.
She was once a darling of her charming little town, an amateur singer who had run ran away to seek more fame.
If only her voice had stayed the same.


Inspired by Friday fictioneers (image), Weekend Writing prompt (word: Amateur ) , Tale Weaver (word: Darling)

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12 thoughts on “Courage”

    1. Yes, but it’s a wasted energy to stay away from your lived one. One has to learn to accept failure too.

  1. Dear Pratibha,

    Good job of putting the two prompts together. ๐Ÿ˜€



  2. I like your take on these prompts. The fact that she has done this before but backed out at the last minute. I think we have all experienced doing this at some point in our lives. I love the way you phrased it… she hoped today, she had the courage to get off the train. It’s hard to return a failure, but then that’s in her mind, she will be welcome. I like to think she got off.

    It’s always fun to combine prompts. I forget to do that. You have inspired me, Prat.

    1. p.s. I did notice that you combined 3 prompts. Most commendable, P. I was going to chide you for not writing 100 words to Sandra’s photo, then I saw you were doing Sammi’s prompt too.

      1. I have like 4/5 prompts open at a time and hope I can work them all to my best capacity and to honor them all. Thank you for the kind words and visit.

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