Path to freedom

She remembered the first time she walked this path. In the middle of nowhere, she had randomly stopped at this field and taken a walk on the dusty road. She had truly felt free in that moment. She had escaped a bad relationship, an exhausting job, and struggles with ideas of self-value.


This path had beckoned to her mad desire to be break free from everything and everyone. She had returned to this place every year since the first time.

But today, She was not alone. She had no desire to walk the road to feel free. She had found the anchor to her desires and the wind to her flight in him. Soon she would walk the aisle with him.


Inspired by Reena’s exploration challenge #95 (Eleutheromania – intense desire for freedom) and Crimson’s Creative Challenge #35 (Image prompt)

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9 thoughts on “Path to freedom”

  1. I would call it different shades of freedom. Neeta Ambani says her father-in-law told her b4 she got married ” You are not bound being married. You will just get a larger platform for whatever you want to do”.

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