The idea of the poem below started with the poem Migratory Birds as Laura on dVerse Tuesday Poetics asked us to use one of the translated poems as an inspiration for a poem. It made me remember another song that has opening lines that birds , rivers and winds are not bound by borders, so what really did we gain by being the way we are.

It was another era,
when my stories had wings
riding on the clouds across time and space;
It was folly of youth –
to tie wishes to trees,
praying for impossible outcomes;
like birds flying
across oceans, leaving home behind
only to return later;
always a stranger to lands
and the trees that promised to nest.

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5 thoughts on “Birds”

  1. I really liked this poem and the way you twisted the imagery into the unexpected – ‘stories had wings’ ‘tied wishes to trees’ that last line is so unexpected and finishes this highly imaginative poem very well c thank you for taking part in the prompt

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