This is the final part of the story. Part 1 & Part 2 [linked]


“I did not expect you to look older though”, he said genuinely surprised to find her standing in front of him.

“We age too, and part of this is to blend in when I visit Earth.” She replied as she settled on the mountain ledge.

“How did you even find this place ?”, she continued.

“Followed the signs from the old stories my ancestors collected. I realized quite late that stories are where all the knowledge is hidden. It’s a pity, people have stopped listening to them”. He said softly

“The stories are your bloodline, same as your son’s,  all this while. I feared he would fare best as a storyteller. And he figured the same when he seeked you out to learn this dying art.”

“My son ?” he asked puzzled, till he remembered the young man at his home, the one who after a year, had left that very morning to spread the ancient wisdom in the world, as a payment for his training.

Written for Six Sentence Story

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11 thoughts on “Stories”

  1. Makes me curious how stories got into his blood line. Did he find her in the first place with stories, or did she inject those stories in him?

  2. Excellent story. The best of Sixes use the admittedly limited range (only six sentences) and nevertheless craft a story that engages us Readers

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