Amidst a sea of faces,
I wandered alone –
politely nodding hellos,
avoiding unnecessary attention;
till she came visiting –
stretched on my bed,
she lazily looked at
the truly inconsequential ME!
knocking a few books off,
she declared her territory
(as if anyone had missed)
as she left me giggling
and responding to her welcome.
MEOW i said,( little one, come again)

Reading the Poetics Tuesday prompt brought back a memory from my graduation days. In college, when I was so utterly bored in a class, instead of yawning, I said “meow”. It wasn’t too loud but neither too low that it could escape a few of my classmates around. The girls who lived in the same dorm as me of course immediately knew it was me. I realized later that “meow” had become my standard reply to anything amusing, including daydreaming of my bed in the middle of a boring lecture.

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11 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Ha! That is such a cool memory. Knocking things off is a primary trait of the cats — it certainly made me smile. Very well penned! 🙂

  2. I love the backstory even more… how you became a cat a bit yourself… (though maybe not knocking things down)…

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