This week Reena shared this video [Delightfully Disorienting Dance of people going places] for us to take inspiration from and write something. I was immediately reminded of the song Mad world as I was watching the video –

Delightful in what way,
this rush of cars and feet,
the tap, the honk, the race,
madness now has a busy face;
why not gather to hug and talk
stop a while,watch sunsets,smile;

From my window, I see only roads,
endless stream of traffic to & fro;
I plot stories for some of them –
people going places to create memories
a date, celebratory lunch or movies
with loved ones; hopefully not alone.

Show me a garden with pretty flowers
kids playing games after games,
picnics – food, drinks, ice creme
kindness and love taught in shared space;
that I would say, is the delightful event
when we never fall short of helping hands.

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32 thoughts on “Delightful”

  1. The range of madness is large – mindlessness, OCDs, medically certified disorders to something I see as abnormal in my parameters. And the mad are so convinced that they are the normal and sane creatures. Life is not easy ????

    Thanks for joining in, Pratibha!

  2. Madness is such a mystic word. It means passion and it also means imbalance. It can be associated with any feeling on this planet. And it is innocent like kids who say, “Pagal hai kya.. Mar dalegi kya mujhe.”.. it’s beautiful.

  3. Ahh… Relatable… As if life is always a hustle and we are not living but only surviving… A fresh piece to remind to live actually..

  4. The endless rush ….traffic , data network , misunderstandings , hate , money ……O my god ! A baby’s smile , having a hearty laugh with a friend , a flower , minutes of peace in a temple make our life refreshing .

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