Labor Day thoughts

Today I spend the long weekend Monday off in bed with books and tea and catching up on some blog hop. Today Canada celebrates Labor day in celebration of the special significance for the labor movement in the country. It is a public holiday and the unofficial end of the summers as students return from the summer break tomorrow.

Labor has always been quite a confusing term for me, which first started with the question: Am I a part of the labor? the obvious answer was No if you consider the definition for white-collar, blue-collar and pink-collar jobs. Traditionally, the blue-collar jobs, which are of manual labor were the only jobs known, hundred years ago, we owe most of our labor laws to these folks.

When I was a kid, with no reference or clue about this day, I still knew the importance of labor and how we owe our smooth lives to many of these workers who work hard from earliest daylight to the late-night, much after we have put our work-life behind us. I remember the lessons my parents gave me on always being grateful and appreciative of the workers we encountered in our day and how their effort benefitted us and we needed their assistance always.

For years, I never understood my dad’s roles and responsibilities at work except that he always had a line of workers outside his office whenever I visited him there. Many of them visited him at our home with gifts from their hometown – especially fruits and grins from their fields and farms back home. It amazed me to know they always maintained one job in the city and also went back home to manage farms regularly whose produce was exported or consumed within the village. It taught me the importance of passion and hard work by looking at how my father was always understanding of their situations and helped them as he could. He worked along with these folks as much as he could – being available and guiding and managing operations of the factory he worked in – traits all three of his kids have learned by following his example.

dreams linked to pay checks
mouths to feed, new life to make
parents show us way


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13 thoughts on “Labor Day thoughts”

  1. I like your debate about being a part of the labour, its importance and lessons we learn from it. I wonder if children these days visit their parents at work and whether they understand what they do. The haiku sums it up neatly.

    1. I see some offices have a family day where kids visit the office. I do hope we all have a knowledge of what our loved ones do, specially where passion is involved too.

  2. Excellent post and perspective of gratitude for dedicated workers! We depend on each other’s work and even if we’re “privileged”, we should not be proud.

  3. This resonates with me a lot, even if my father was a very different kind of worker… the only thing I know is that he always worked, not with his hands, but preparing and planning for teaching and research.

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