The cardinal rule, she repeated to herself, was never to forget his kindness.Even if it came attached to an arrogance that scared her.
Some relations, for the sake of a name, are built on rules, which are expected to be adhered to at all times.
In his case, she knew better to test those boundaries.
So years passed, but she dared not to ask if he still remembered the stories they made together.
Somewhere far away, he opens the old emails; taking strength from her words and presence; even if it was something he never deserved.


Written for Six sentence Story

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26 thoughts on “Presence”

  1. Engaging Six here, which is, at the heart of the effort (imho), i.e. to write a story with that magic that makes the Reader want know what happens next.
    Even if one of the characters might be a bit of a…*

    *in the parlance of the Wakefield Doctrine and its three personality types, one could be forgiven for saying, ‘” Jeez, what a roger.”

  2. Relationships can be so complex. If only both of them knew what was going on in each other’s minds. Great story. Ohh, and btw, if you’re interested in six word stories, do check out my blog. I host a weekly six word story prompt. The prompts will be up on every Saturday at exactly 8PM IST and you can submit your six word story until the next Friday. I also do a roundup post every Friday. Do check it out if you’re interested. ???? Glad I came across your blog today.

  3. can you write the entire story in just six lines?
    Relationships can be complicated. Sometimes relations demands much more than what we expect..

  4. Praty!!! I am returning to your blog after soooooo many years and I am so glad that nothing has changed. It has got the same warmth and the emotional quotient has certainly increased! I loved the post! 🙂

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