The detective was called in the end.

It turns out, it was actually “the end” of the good winter in their zone, when food and wine had been enough to keep the people happy inside the houses.

Things were about to change and no detective could stop it, or even have a clue how it would start and where it would lead the people of the town.

None of the residents were old enough to understand the significance of the coats found hanging on the edge of the forest.

But the detective, whose father and grandfather had been from the town knew – he had been told the stories in preparation of similar event.

“The forest spirits have come to collect their dues “, he said, crossing himself as he walked back to the town, to confirm their worst fears.


Inspired by Six sentence Story & Crimsons Creative Challenge

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17 thoughts on “Spirits”

  1. “…looked up from my drink and, through the grey-blue haze of my cigarette, saw, reflected in the mirror, the empty barroom. Spirits of the forest love to drink alone.”

    I loves me some noir detective prose… (trust you don’t mind, my jumping in with a little dialogue. for best effect, think Humphrey Bogart)

    fun Six!

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