Taste of Love

Me & Y, 2011

It’s not just coffee,
or the stale sandwich
(from previous day of course –
who delivers fresh at 6:00 AM)
of any random all-night cafe I miss.
It is the corner one on stop
that was the farthest for us both
so none could ever find us,
it’s that very cafe, that last table,
the coffee as fresh as the rising sun
when we would meet for secret dates;
It is that coffee and the sandwich
I wish to be having this week –
memories of our love and fights,
of tears and smiles as we faced the world
together as one, to be forever one;
but first some coffee.

Inspired by Flashback prompt @ Toads and linked to Open Link Night @ dVerse Poetics

For almost an year before we got married , me and my husband would meet at this non descript cafe every alternate Saturday morning. I would later go to my parent’s home for the weekend and he would spend the day playing with friends. This week we celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary in a different country and I miss all those places that have seen us grow together and grow in love.

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10 thoughts on “Taste of Love”

  1. I love the fact that you found a place to meet so secretly… hope there is some coffee to celebrate your meetings still.

  2. Nice. Love this actually.
    The start and stop on coffee were great
    May I make some suggestions:

    (1) It’s not just coffee, –> THE coffee

    (2) who delivers –> which is delivered

    (3) of any random –> ON any random

    (4) It is the corner one on stop –> It is the corner one

  3. Those special places that hold special memories. It does make it difficult you are so far away from them physically but they are still very much with you. Happy 6th Anniversary!

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