Red is for you

From my wedding day

The day I first loved this color;
buying bangles, dress, jewelry
everything in shades of gold & red –
the auspicious color of traditions,
of tying two hearts & fates together
of prayers, wishes, hopes and dreams
A symbol of me being with you
for next seven lifetimes
a mark of me belonging
not just you, but a new life
of passion, of loyalty, of honor
The day I first picked this dress,
I realized the power of red
to change a nervous lover
into the most confident bride.

Written for DVerse Poets prompt : Red

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7 thoughts on “Red is for you”

    1. In my community, red is the bridal dress color. For all religious purposes, red is the primary color paired with golden.

  1. A beautiful wedding photo and the colors are striking! A wonderful memory to have and your post shows so many things held by the heart.

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