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The music enveloped her; making her feel that if she were to fall right now, she would find herself floating on the high notes of his voice. It did not matter if the lyrics were borrowed ones, his singing gave her pleasure more than his love.

“You make me want to be a better man”, he had whispered last night and he really needed to do that. She sighed, her disappointment and anger mixed in the cut marks hidden below her dress. It was her way to punish him for straying, for losing himself in his own words. Their pain was what had kept them sane(or not) and together; and that is how it always has to be, she smiled.


Written for Six Sentence Story (Mark) and Photo Prompt @ Fandango’s Flash Fiction

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4 thoughts on “Together”

  1. Dude(tte)!!*

    *compliment on a Six both engaging and ‘WTH?!!
    not ‘surprise’ ending as much as ‘Now, be careful with that knife, it’s sharpened to a surgical… oppss I get a bandage’

  2. Excellent Six, Pratibha!
    Yeah, what Clark said for sure. This came out of left field, caught me by surprise. Which is the coolest thing about writing. Just when readers think they “know” you, you give them something they did not expect. You brought the house down on this one πŸ™‚

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