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when she rode

With gentle steps she entered home,praying not to be seen by dad.

“I saw you.Learning to ride on the beach” she suddenly heard him shout.
“I was just..” she tried to speak in vain.
“Do you have any idea how it looked ? a girl of your age doing something like this ??”
“But I only ..” she was cut off again.
Vulgar !! that’s the word. you hear me !!”

And this went on till she started to cry hard and promised not to ride again. Her brother never even tried to learn and she actually rode it. But she knew she would not get any praise for that.

The bicycle was anyway sold next day.

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For Life


dark shadows,

blood stained

walls and floor,

these are not

just illusions

but her overt fears

which she fights

amidst tears

and clenched fists;

waiting to end

the ordeal

with smiles

and not her life.

So many of us are haunted with past or present fears/events. This is for all the brave women who ended such life to live a new one not succumbed to it.

Inspired from Sunday Scribblings

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I prefer my poetry/fiction to talk rather than myself. These days,most of my free time goes in writing and reading. There is a new style of poetry gogyohka that i am learning, apart from practising haiku daily on my twitter page : Nimue_

Here is one entry of each style :

The road

to my heart

closed down


you left..

The roads to my heart

opened to none but for you

broken now like me

Prompted at Sunday scribblings & One Single Impression


dark thoughtsLock it deep,
block it forever,
Poke it never,else
choke you,they will
all just in dreams.

Prisoners they take,
slaves they do make,
in your fears they live,
to you,tears they will give.
all just in dreams.

repeat them not,
heed to them never,
remembered if ever,
pretend to think not
all for your dreams.

dream,live,play but dare
you make rulers out of
your worst nightmares !

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