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If i would be some one else

Few people know the meaning of name “nimue” or what it stands for .. This link first introduced me to this name. And further reading led me to this tale of Nimue .

Since Nimue, sometimes called Nineve, Vivien is popularly known as “The Lady of the Lake” i imagine her to be living within folds of water, swimming among the waves and singing with the fishes. Playing with the floating lotus, making pearl necklaces for herself and riding the sea dragons. Maybe she sometimes danced along the whales or lazed with the turtles. I imagine all this and wish i could know for real what she did in her life.

Will it not be interesting to have this dream come true !!! 😉

Prompted at Sunday Scribblings

The white fairy

He woke up late… very late;he two hours late in meeting her. Though he knew she would have slept off by now, he still logged in to the messenger.

“hey !! you there ?”

“m waiting…”




“guess you slept off early…  bye ,, miss you”

“:* >:D<”

The last message was exactly 35 min after the first..

She never was late. she never missed a day to be here. She was so perfect,she appeared to be so for sure ! And he was totally crazy for her. The most talked about flirt of the town was single for the whole month now. Exactly the same time she had been in his life – draped in a white dress, hair covering her face,pink flowers in hands,she stood in a huge window. Little had he realized, it was the window to his heart she knocked.

He smiled as he gathered these thoughts. He was turning into a poet or what, he laughed to himself ! He had not stepped out of his house in the past 1 month. Sleeping, chatting with her, eating, chatting, sleeping again had occupied his time off from work. He must be going insane he mused as he gauged the mess around him.

An hour later as he sat down to rest in his newly cleaned room, he saw her come online.

“Hey, dress your best in 5 min”

“why” he asked confused

“just thought to have a video chat. don’t you wanna look good the first time atleast?”

“you mean i will see you”

“i guess that’s what it means !!”

Finally the “white_fairy” will reveal her face, he was full of smiles thinking about it. As soon he was ready,the bell rang. Cursing the guest, he opened the door wearing a big frown.

And there stood his angel, his “white_fairy” in the same white dress holding the same pink flowers.

Smilingly she entered his heart’s window and closed them shut with a kiss, filling her sunshine in him, his house and his life.

God’s lessons

There’s always a good
in all that god does;
i hear it so much often
from myself not others.

Then sometimes i feel
i deserve to be punished
for journey into the dark
how could i err like that ?

I know i will have to wait
till you decide to show way
assured that i have learned
lessons which were meant.

He breaks me piece by piece
from person,place and thing;
till i am left standing alone
just his hands to hold close.

So let it be this way again
i will silently bear the pain
for your blessings i will pray
forgive me,if at all i stray.

when the match started

tring tring….

he picks up the call…. (without looking at the number for sure coz he waits for me to speak)

“watching the match,are you”, i finally speak.

“hmmm..” (nothing more, all concentration is on match)

“I am bored”

“So … ”

“so means … ”

“so what do you expect from me umbrella lady” (guess is that the match was paused for some reason,that’s why the attention on me)

“talk to me Mr couch potato”

“can that wait some time … why don’t you go online and talk to other friends ?” ( now getting irritated;  i love this)

“most of the guys are busy with world cup match and the girls off to sleep”

“and what do you think i will prefer now”

“of course you want me to get lost and leave you alone with your tv”

“how intelligent !”

“i know … but i won’t do that”

“how mean ! do i ever disturb you when you are watching some movie .. that too on your laptop”

“no.. you don’t. thats one more reason i love you”

“and i hate you right now”

“i know” (laughing now)

“Gal … keep the phone now .. i swear i will kill you when i meet you next”

“is it ?? ok ! will see about it when we meet”

“you not gonna let me watch the match, is it ??”

“ok ok .. go on .. as if you were not doing that all this while”

“i was .. but not *peacefully*”

“fuck off”

“thank you” (and so ended the call)

I was anyway happy just to hear him ! 😀

And then i went back to my studies 🙂

Very Short Stories

(Removed the separate page so posting again)

Please note : Each set of sentences below is a separate story.


She proposed hoping to surprise him; he wasn’t.She waited for his reply;he just gave a sly smile and slipped the ring in her hand

_ _ _ _ _ _

She didn’t care if they were called frenemies;she loved him strong enough to not let him be promoted and sent to new place

_ _ _ _ _ _

“y is white the color of hindu widow like me and of christian bride too?” she taunted her elders while buying a red sari !!


am i late in returning”,he asked;depends on your definition of late,she said;did he not know,she could wait forever for him?


He is desultory in his talks;but then that is most interesting about him;his talks never turn boring yet never get finished too.

I wished for you

when flowers appear bright,
like the stars in the night,
when winds suddenly flow,
full of fragrance of rose,
when an old forgotten memory
lures the heart out of misery,
when some never heard song,
gives smiles like never before,
when a tender touch of care,
is wished and immediately there,
know you are being thought of,
love and luck sent for you in loads.

Reason to smile

pray that you never

hand the key to joys to some one

be not a prey yourself

Wrote this haiku on twitter today .. and since then i have been thinking about it … Is it really in our hands to stop being such a fool as to give the key to happiness in some one else’s hands ?? Does life really make such beings out of us ?? We, who call ourself wise; who talk as if all is well under control in our life .. is it really so all time ?? why do we make wrong choices ? Or is it that choices go wrong later !! And when this happens, why don’t we easily let it go ??  why do we want to hold the same time, people and feelings ??  Wonder if any one can give an answer satisfying to every one !! All i know is i can sit and cry for ages or can stand up and smile for myself whenever i think about it .. Am gonna try the latter .. Are you ??

A smile you owe,

to yourself alone;

smile you must

for yourself just.

A smile is a gift

not to be recieved;

its the best one

to yourself you give.

Things change..

Just 12 hours back they were romancing each other on a park bench; oblivious to all the eyes staring at the lovely couple in love.

And now, he was dying. she held his hand in hers and let tears fall ceaselessly. Both of them had nothing left to say.

The curtain fell. Movie was over.

Some days

some times days pass
you live through them
but only later feel it.

you no longer desire
some one to love you
you realize the feeling
is just there,inside you.

some times days pass
seemingly uneventful;
you live through them
feeling so peaceful.

you forgive yourself
and forget the hurt;
you feel good for times
you remember,you loved.

some times days pass
unbelievably thought of;
how it changed your life
you imagine but not know.

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