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Happy New Year

Another year full of high and lows
some we will cherish,some not;
some days that gave us joys
some that killed all hopes;
we survived them all,
keeping friends and family close;
Making smile a habit at times
greeting it even in time of woes;
may the days to come shine the same
and keep getting better always…

Happy New year 🙂

Also wanted to share this very inspiring song :



Exams were just a week away and she could not study long hours without feeling sleepy. One night she turned on the radio after hearing her favorite song play in the neighbourhood. She kept the radio on for hours as she studied and not once she wanted to quit.

 Since then, the love affair continues.



This is for G-Man’s Fridayflash 55.

Have a musical and lovely weekend all of you  🙂

Also linked to Months of the year challenge Season # 2

Sifar [ Music & the band]

This is no review of the and songs. But a humble recco to all of you to check the songs and provide your inputs.

Right now, on the official page of the band , one will find three songs which can be palyed there [ plus the lyrics] and even downloaded.

I will start with the song I liked best : Main jaunga

[bandcamp track=3267137545 bgcol=3edaf9 linkcol=732f92 size=grande]

Loved the lyrics most , then the pace with which it starts , it really draws you into the track and you are soon lost into this . Not to mention that you can actually hum this one easily even after the song is over ! which am actually doing for these lines :

Mujhse yu kyun khafa hai tu
Kyun ye doori, kyun juda hai tu
Khokar apne dil ki ye aawazein
Apni manzil se fanaa hai tu


Roko Na mujhe

The song opens to a nice drum piece and immediately the singer picks up the pace a notch further. Pretty neat lyrics that hit you hard enough to be related to ! Loved the way the song fades, not ends.


I liked listening to this for the pace of the song. The guitar work in middle of the song is pretty cool ! Worth a check for sure !!


So go to the page now and hear these guys out !!

And do leave comments 🙂

Read a  proper review of the songs by Rohit here

Musical Memory – 3 and a #hindi poem

He hated most of the music from bollywood.

He hated most of the songs with sad lyrics [ I was the emo fool you see since beginning]

He hated Atif Aslam..

and yet, he loved this song …

He even dedicated this to me one day when I cried [ I was missing home too much so I cried on his call ]

Of course I smiled ; He dedicated nothing to any  one. I felt special for sure.

So here’s the song – Kuch Is tarah :


and here’s a poem I wrote yesterday afternoon while I was listening to this song.

[It is in hindi , english translation might follow some day]


kuch is tarah…
bol ek geet ke,
jaadu sangeet ka
yaadein ek meet ki..

tere chehre par
khushi merei aas ki
dukh mere raaz ka,
hansi meri yaad ki..


gam hain ye tere
tohfa ek mulakaat ka
zakhm ek jazbaat ka
kissa kisi ke izhaar ka..


sun meri ye guzarish
saza jo bhi ho meri
kabool har shart teri
baat ho bas teri meri.

= ~ = ~ = ~ = ~ =

And here are other musical memories :

Musical Memory Post 2 shared by Poohi

do let me know of your memories attached to songs if you like !

Till next Week !

keep listening to music of your choice !!

And share good ones with all !

Poetry & Music

Off  late I been reading Indian authors – not poetry though. So when mention of Vikram Seth came in a conversation, I was reminded of this poem :

All You who Sleep Tonight

All you who sleep tonight
Far from the ones you love,
No hand to left or right
And emptiness above –

Know that you aren’t alone
The whole world shares your tears,
Some for two nights or one,
And some for all their years

Read More Poetry by Vikram Seth here

And now some sufi music ! Let peace rule your heart, mind and matter :


A song on poetry

After a long time, I realized am still an impatient , ill-tempered one when I am upset about something. And so the following verse :

I desperately
need to control
my steaming

Negative thoughts
make my
body ache.

The poem under spotlight today is :

He went to Save the World

On my way to University, I thought I would be able to solve the world’s problems.
I thought to myself: yes, yes I can do that. I cannot wait. I just know I can.

I got to my room and started my studies soon after my arrival.
Philosophy and psychology, physics and astronomy, those were the subject I came to learn.

Read More


And a song on poetry I found :


PS : I am one poem closer to finishing my personal project but lot many away 😉 !

PPS : I am still bit upset ovr what happened today. More upset over the fact that I was rude when I was upset.

What have i done (music)


Listen this wonderful song here once and i bet you will be singing it soon in your head !!

Why i love this :

– Simple meaningful lyrics

– Easy rythm; you catch by the song is nearing its half

– Anna Ternheim’s voice ! nothing spectacular in this song but i guess that’s what makes it so believable to me!


Do check !


You are my everything
my head my heart my mind my wing
I could give all again
I’m never sure
of anything
with you

The jokes the laughs the teardrops too
The games the fun the travels too
Yes I won’t do them all with you
All good things now come from you

I hope you feel the way I do
I hope you give yourself up too
I’m damned to feel the way I do
What have I done
to fall so hard
for you

You are my everything
My head and my heart my mind my wing
The past the present tomorrow too
I’ll spend my final day
with you

I hope you feel the way I do
I hope you give yourself up too
I’m damned to feel the way I do
What have I done
to fall so hard
for you

I hope you feel the way I do
I hope you give yourself up too
I’m damned to feel the way I do
What have I done
to fall so hard
for you