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Word for year 2019 : Consistent

Yesterday I chanced upon this tweet thread ( partial pic below) that gave a challenge to just start something and keep at it, without thought for anything much outside it.

I had already decided last week to do 300 posts in 2019 , just to get back to my blogging and write all the book review posts I have been so lazy to do in 2018.
[ the real inspiration behind that thought is Saurabh and all the wonderful ideas he has shared in his emails over that last 2 months. ]
Plus like previous 4 years, my fitness goals stay same ( since they are never fulfilled in year gone by) .
So for all this , I really need to be consistent, even if not good in the beginning, if I want to see any result at all.

It certainly wont be easy, but then, there is not much joy in way things are right now for me.
So I pledge I will be consistent in ( in mentioned order )

  • Writing/ blogging
  • Exercise
  • Reading better not more

Whats your word for 2019 ?
( This post is inspired by Leo and linked to Everyday Gyaan , from where this thought originated. )

Goodbye 2015 – part#1

This is not yet a post where I reflect on the year gone by and list the good and bad of it. It is also not yet the time and moment to sort the lessons from the mistakes or make different section of the people you met or let go. This is more about how I want to do all this. How to properly send off 2015 into the portals of my mind wjere it is saved and remembered well for the right reasons.
The first thought was to go alone on a journey and as the cities are left behind, I tick of all the months and weeks of the year gone by. Since that is some luxary I can not afford at the moment ( my medical leaves last month have left me with neither time nor health to travel far ) , I thought of alternatives. The motive is to be alone and relaxed enough to be honest , be objective , bit harsh in scrutiny and kind on yourself equally. The idea is to aporeciate the goodness of life , goodness in yourself and whatever iota you got from people around you. And lastly, the task is to decide what to leave behind in this year itself – mistakes , people , negativity and memories too.
So I thought of having a date with myself next weekend – coffee ,  a diary , a planner for next year and lastly a goid walk alone to reaffirm my proMises and plans.
How are you going to say goodBye to 2015 ?

Feel free and loving

Sometimes all you need is to have cozy conversations and hugs. More hugs than talks perhaps. You need to feel the bonds grow in each other’s hearts and to feel the blessings that God sends in terms of people. Often we forget to give a chance to the heart to feel free to sbut the mind for time being. Sometimes crazy company is all that you need to loosen up yourself.
So have more conversations, hug a lot f lovely friends and just   yourself go free in their caring company.
Something I did last night. And loved every moment of it.

Lets (not) have a baby

Last month, me and pati ( husband ) had an argument about his lack of time and attention for me ( i admit i might have exaggerated the scene a bit ) which ended up making both of us a bit irritated.
Next morning, during breakfast he asks me if i really wanted to have a kid. I told him no way was i prepared for the reaponsibility. He just accepted it with a nod, while i kept wondering why he even asked about it.
It was last week when i remembered the reason. While i was being upset with him, i had said, “perhaps we should have a kid. That way i will be busy with the child and you wouldn’t have to worry about me being alone or bored”
And i could not be more wrong. Is this how the relatives or other people think when they keep asking you to have kids ? Just to have some one bind the guy to home ? Or two people to each other ? Or even if for taking the family lineage ahead ? Is it not unfair on the partner who isn’t ready or more so to the child when you are not financially or mentally  prepared for bringing up a child.
I never would have thought about this again till today morning when i read an article on reasons for which one should not have kids. And i realize, even the thought of having a child for any reason other than two mature adults wanting to nurture a life is so damn wrong.
Having a child is a personal decision but it never should be a selfish one.


Elegant and light
The earrings danced
With the breeze,
It played with the hair,
making merry music
So close to my ears;
I see them shine
In the mirrors and dark,
I love their whispers
As i carelessly walk,
I cant thank enough
For the smile i now have.

Collecting Earrings is my new hobby. Its not even an year that i got my ear piercing done and I already love them. This one is a gift from a friemd during the weekend trip which also inspired the above lines ~

Before i forget ..

I would not have written this post but a dialogue from the movie “the lunchbox” has inspired me not to let go of the thoughts.
The dialogue ( not exact ) was that we forget things if we do not tell it to some one.
( more about the movie on other post maybe )
Today i was traveling in a bus and the time i chose is not a good one. The bus was too crowded. Luckily a guy offered me his seat.  There were lot of people standing , some with huge bags on the shoulder , a few people some time stand too close, which is not comfortable.
Today too, a guy was almost falling on my seat when the guy next to me told him to stand properly. Before i could even say thanks to the guy , his wife told him he didn’t have to say anything unless he himself is being troubled. And she looked at me as if i had made a mistake not to defend my own space.
The respect i had for the guy to speak for some one else was kind of replaced by a hurt at the wife’s words. No wonder so many of us turn a closed eye on the events around us .
There is so much more that i have on my mind and wish to share with some one. Till i gather my thoughts and senses for a better post , here’s a poem i wrote for the morning journey of mine :
In a state between sleep and wakefulness,
You let your words free of your locked thoughts,
Feeling no different that moment , you go to bed
Yet aware that love you get is undeserved.
You wake up in the morning and you realize the pillow is still wet ,
The unread message from a dear friend is deleted without a look,
You feel like pushing the not so distant past further away,
Yet knowing that your heart is set in that moment.
Looking at the fast passing scenery in auto or not,
The breeze wants to say a lot to your sleepy ideas
While the eyes keep getting wet for no known reason,
And You know something isn’t right with the day.
Reading old conversations lead to old thoughts,
Re collecting older talks, lead to myriad f emotions,
You hold yourself tight and curse the tears to stop,
And when nothing works , you let your feelings flow.
When the words , memories and tears have all dried,
You look up at skies to question all this events.
The old Bollywood music soothe your nerves
as god rain on your face , washing away all the pain.

Of new roles and tasks

Life has suddenly changed this week.
Since Monday 11 AM to be exact.
I suddenly realized i have a lot to learn and make it a habit of doing when it comes to being a daughter-in-law , a wife , a home maker in the future. Till now , I did not completely understand how much thought and care this transition would involve. I used to think to myself, one can not predict the situations until you step into that new life but I guess it is necessary to make a note of the areas you need to work upon. In India , Marriage they say , is a union of not two people but two families. And I willingly agree to the statement now. In my husband’s home , every action of mine is not just a representation of me but my family’s culture and values. I never wished to stay in a nuclear set up after wedding. I used to dream of having the guy’s family to live with me and be a part of that family. Simply said , I love to have people around – to celebrate every small happiness , to care for each other , to support in times of distress and to spread smiles to each other. But like all fingers are not same in a hand , every one has their good and bad. Before you expect them to accept you the way you are , is it not wise to make it easier for them to accept you in their folds and seamlessly become a part of their daily life.
Keeping these thoughts in mind , I am trying to cook more and cook better . The first goal is not to call mom or refer to recipe for a usual meal. I am cleaning my room alternate days , folding clothes and keeping them stacked well in the almirah , making sure I keep my things at a proper place. In short , I feel I am trying to act like my mother 😉 And it is not easy. I call up mom and ask how does she remember to do all this , how does she keep the whole house so organized while I get tired after managing my single room.
Exhausted or not , I am sure feeling more proud. More confident and sure about myself being able to handle any new role and responsibilities well.
Life has changed , but for better days.
This is for Imperfect Prose and for Emily whose posts make me pause and think about the blessings in my life.

A visit to oxford book store

Books have always been my biggest addiction. For me , the words books and addiction are almost same. Then ofcourse , cones writing / blogging.the moment i read today’s topic of week long prompted blogging , i knew it would be about books. And what better than a visit to bookstore with lover boy and best friend !!
Oxford book store has opened again after over an year in delhi. And this time the cha bar is much more awesome. Check the pics :
The awesome reading area :
And this ladder was so much amusing 😀
not to forget the chai and the snacks @ cha bar
It goes without saying that i bought another book. Plus the awesome conversations with my besties !! A day well spent.
Delhi people and delhi guests , do not miss this.
Obe of my addictions include chai too. And i must mention that having chai with friends while you sit in the lodhi garden was an icing in cake for today.
Loved every bit of this post

I Like Mondays

while the whole world vouches for Monday blues , For reasons unknown , I like Mondays. Starting Wednesday night , I start waiting and planning for the weekend but Every Monday night , when whole world on the social media is complaining for end of weekend , I do not understand or relate to the sentiment even remotely.

Mondays are like a new beginning . 5 more days to work hard and make your dream come true. The weekends are to rest and plan ahead but Mondays are the days when you begin a new chapter. And I believe that all beginnings should have a happy note. So I thank god for another wonderful weekend , and ask for strength and blessings for the coming week.

And this is something i found in google images. Totally cool thought !


And then there are Mondays I LOVE. The ones when I go to see lover by for breakfast ( in case we do not meet over weekend ) , those are the super awesome Mondays !



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