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In my kitchen

The whole world out there,
and I wake up dreaming pancakes,
a kid in the playground,
some maple syrup evening,
a whole palate of colors
and a bite of fresh fruit;
The universe conspires
the images I can not grasp;
no tears , no laugh
just some bitterness cutting through
the fruits that are about to fall;
I feed my words to strangers
hoping they would find seeds;
I make peace with barren lands
being dug out of me
without a single sight of tree;
The kid of my desires walks somewhere
demanding pancakes from my kitchen;
the things we talk over breakfast
lie along whispered prayers
covered in melted butter instead.
Written for Poetics Tuesday and inspired by photo prompt @ What do you see ?

My calling ..

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There is a world forgotten,
In words I left a your door,
There is a face mistaken
In masks I dropped by chance;
There is a dream trapped
In the path we take daily,
There is a calling of my pack
In the nights I roam freely.

The only reason I was inspired to write this poem is because some one referred me as one of her poet friend. And I had to justify that I am still a poet. ????????
Submitted to Open Link Night @ Dverse

Spicy Memories

Certain words fondly nudge
memories of making merry
On a house boat;In the river
Meandering across villages
No more than ten homes big,
serving the best toddy
spiciest fish, scrambled eggs
and noodles.
Simple food by strangers
served with love stay life long.
This is a Quadrille (poem of exact 44 words) as prompted on dVerse and also linked to the Toads .
*Toddy is the south indian name for palm wine created fresh from the coconut palmtreesin villages. It smells pungent but is very delicious.