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Silent Reading Meet#1 : how it happened

It started with a post that the awesome traveler Doulos shared on fb about silent reading parties / meeting in US ! This totally caught my interest and i asked him to arrange one in Delhi too. A month later we again talked about it and this time he assigned the job to me.
So, a fb event was created. Date and venue was picked over calls and chats. And we were set.
Last Saturday, 5pm I reached the venue to find 4 people waiting for me. 3 more joined in next half hour while we discussed the books we had got to read. Amidst the lovely ruins of hauz khas, sitting on the lush green grass, we turned to our books and silently read for an hour. It was the longest stretch of reading i had in a long long time. And it was so amazing.
This one experience was enough for me to want to do this again. And i will. Come august, i will create another event for second meet of silent readers. If you happen to be in delhi that weekend, do join me.
I also made some bookmarks for the fellow readers ~ IMG_20140719_112714
Keep reading . Stay blessed 🙂

Why mahabharat is subjected to discussions more than ramayan ?

Note : I am not sure if the topic fits the post. Also , treat this as a personal view and not as a research. The post is open for comments and critics both. Please do share your ideas. This post will be edited as per any valid suggestion or.aybe i will be inspired for another post 😉
For religious sections , both Mahabharat and Ramayan hold almost the same place, since both are about the role of a Vishnu’s avtaar in the society that time. How they brought the change to the way of things. But if i consider the researchers , the writers , the curious minds and the likes of me who are interested in a story well told , i see so many talks and speculations about Mahabharat and so less on the Ramayana.
To make it more clear , i can tell you that so far i have heard about 3 books on ramayan and read none while i myself have read around 4 on mahabharat with 4 more on my list to read. And that’s just the ones that are popularly referred by book lovers i know. Different versions of mahabharat known to me include the original recitation by Vyasa , the retelling of the same by a professional storyteller Sauti in the nimisha forest ( which is how the Ashok Banker’s series begin and the reason i know of this) , the attempts to re produce the text by early rulers of Indian subcontinent  and since then , there has been a lot of time and energy spent to preserve or translate the original text. Apart from this , there are many books and essays written on the epic , a list of which i found here . Not to forget the regional tales and versions of this epic saga which probably was contained in a smaller area than Ramayana’s.
There are different versions of Ramayana too ~ Valmiki’s , kalidasa version , kamban’s tamil version , the jain ramayan ( multiple books) , the tales in the thailand and malaysian ramayan , sanskrit play by bhavbhuti and other regional retellings. Latest addition would be Ashok banker’s series.
What i noticed about all this literature is that while Mahabharat has been re told , written and analyzed from POV of different characters , ramayan has always been one big tale, narrated in third person. But these are not the reasons i feel , mahabharat is subjected to discussions and retellings. What is noteworthy to remember is that both the epics were passed on to next generation by word of mouth for centuries. More than that , both were probably written as verses of poetry and that form for me is most open to speculation and individual perception.
Ramayan for me is a selfless fight of Ram with Ravan. Sita , as we know was more a pawn in the scheme of things ( the story of hiding sita in fire before ravan could kidnap her ) . It is a war of good over evil , so we have the idealistic Ram fighting with the asura Ravan. As soon as one mwntions that Ravan is an asura , we know.that he would have limitless powers , which no human can possess. It is a fight of uneven. In no ways Ram’s sena any close to winning this war if not the faith and god’s will attached to it and of course Vibhishan. All characters are either black or white , each sticking to its role and character from beginning to the end. The versions differ in the way of feelings or the image of some characters., not in a way that anything contradicts majorly with the original. Mahabharat on the other hand is the story of a kingdom , which was caught in a civil war between two princes , two cousins for the occupancy of the throne. It is a war of right over wrong , dharma and adharma ~ any of which is subjective to your interpretation or favouritism for one character.
When you read or consider the story from a single person’s POV , he / she has both good and bad sides. No black and white characters. Every one is manipulative and a victim too at different times. There are so many tales within each tale ( a background story and a previous birth to every karma and character ) , questions within the answers ( like sehdev was asked to reply )  ,  all human emotions exaggerated and portrayed with the fallout , action , drama , tragedy , love , lust , mistakes , morals , duties and anything that you can think of. I read somewhere , “True or not , vyaas made sure mahabharat has no dull moment”. Plus , ramayan for me has no WOW factor. It evokes more religious sentiments than being able to entertain as a story. Mahabharat is a fluid text , it has so many secrets and layers that unravelling each thread is like time travel. It is a consuming passion and I guess there will be no end to it unless i surrender to this adventure and be lost in this “forest of stories” .


Things are going to be different now on. I feel am “in-transit” , neither here nor there. Maybe, I don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t know where I want to be. Am Happy yet scared, Hopeful yet doubtful. I am in “lost & found” section of life – Lost in his thoughts , found in his heart.
This is a special tale for G-Man.
IMG-20130718-WA0006I have been writing 55 fiction from over 3 years but many 55 fiction posts i wrote are not fictional. I have often found my own voice , my own thoughts in these tales. and today I write this as a lady engaged to love of my life.
Wish me luck !

Be loved

“I wish I was with you right now , every waking minute” , he said and as an afterthought added , “I never thought I would say that to anyone”
“Well, that’s why you are marrying me not anyone else”, she replied laughing heartily at such cute confession.
And they both felt loved.Unlike themselves, yet same.
Dedicated to Ibeingme <3
Specially shared with G-Man’s 55 fiction

Marathon bloggers and the posts shared

Project 52This is the 26th week of Project 52 , where in I decided to write about  Me , my days or things around Me every week. This is unfortunately NOT the 26th post but still , I wanted to go back and check what all I blogged about and the lessons I stored in this journey.
It all started with this fun post : Ten P’s  of my life and been an incredible journey since.
My most candid post was on Love , which was a reflection of my own struggle with love and the questions faced during the process of a love marriage [ More updates on that soon ]
I openly talked about my past fears , missing home , book reviews , finding my own space and a lot of other things I never could voice before.  A few reflections on my self and my life in general were shared with Imperfect Prose ( a site I read and try to write for every thursday)
I also remember a lot of posts I read on blogs by other Marathon bloggers , the May photo a day challenge ( which I left mid way ) , the week long blogging ( that was a really amazing experience last month ) , reading of the families and kids , some interesting ideas ,  lot of advice and tips for daily life , and what all !!
Here’s a biiig cheers to the lovely ladies ( and few guys ) I have known this year via blogging and best wishes for more fun and smiles


Hope I can meet some of these wonderful people this year or maybe next !
A short update on my poetry e-book :
Last year in December , I published Fragments on kindle. Till now , I have sold about 20 copies of the book and need to sell a few more so that I can get the loyalty from amazon. So , if you have interest in poetry or know some one who likes poetry , please pass on my book.
Thank you in advance 🙂

Take Life easy

[ Background : I was upset that a friend of mine said things to me that hurt me. I had hurt her too meanwhile but what made me angry was the fact , I never can tell that to others as easily my friends express it to me ]
So I called this common friend and took out all my frustration and anger on the call. I did not feel good about it , neither could  I resolve my anger over night. I just emailed him expressing I was sorry for what I said and I just need time to sort things.”Take life easy”  , a friend wrote in the reply he sent  in the morning.
And I realize that some days I take being available for friends too seriously.  Most days I love to talk to my friends , to plan to meet them and to randomly ping to ask about life under their sky. But some days , even if I am genuinely busy and in no mood to hear another soul , If i realize I haven’t called a particular some one , I will use the time to not rest but to call. And in that process , I think , I do not give all my attention and care to the person on the other end of the call. This feedback has reached me some time but never before could I accept that I might be really doing something wrong.
As my boyfriend and best friend both pointed to me that I can take time off whenever I want but when I do connect to people , I should do it with intentions to make them feel good and hear them well.  It does not matter if I do not have a solution to their troubles but more important is to listen carefully.
So, from this very moment , I will try to listen more , listen well and listen with all my attention.
And if I am not calling some one , I will make sure I have a good reason and a sense enough to not be too late to get back !
This is for Imperfect Prose :

blog-a-prompt-week : Day 1 ~ Color

Marathon bloggers came up with a prompted week of blogging.The prompt for today is COLORS. The first thing i remembered from the prompt color was this fiction post I wrote long back. I rarely write stories so the very few I wrote are very special to me.

Colors play an important part in my daily routine :  colors in food , the colorful boxes I carry food in ( I usually interchange the lid for the boxes for variety ) , the clothes I wear matched / contrasted with the bangles I wear , the footwear , the color coded documents I create , the colorful words I read on blogs and the colorful dreams I create for my life.

I can not imagine a life that would be in just black & white. Come to think of it , even these two colors have so many shades to it now that even the monochrome images can have a few set of colors : light grey to darkest black.

Colors are instant mood changers. Some colors are social markers for lot of events & places , while some other colors are widely used for health benefits. Out whole world is full of colors and yet , nature every day produces a new shade for us to enjoy and be fascinated. 


That also reminds me of the times I have had arguments proving to my male friends that  mauve is not purple ! Yes , girls know hundred more shades than most guys and I like to prove that any given time 😀

And lastly , here is one colorful image of me .

what do you think of colors ?

A to Z challenge : This is going to be “fun”

the magical bond
sparkled with fairy incense –
Love alone heals us

“This is going to be fun”, She thought to herself and smiled.She packed her bags , loaded the car with lot of food and left to see him.

Unaware of her plans , he struggled through the day , thinking of one good break from everyone around. And everything too. Suddenly it seemed that everyone was only concerned about the wedding. No one asked them , what they wanted , how they wanted their day to be. Everyone had their hopes and dreams to fulfil.

An hour later , she was standing outside his office. She did not have to wait long. Both of them always knew where they would be at any moment.

He hugged her , welcoming the sweet surprise with a huge grin. As he took the keys from her , he saw the packed bags and asked , “Are you going some place tonight ?”

“No , we are going out of town for the night”
“Good. I really need that, you know”

She winked and kissed him ,blushing a little as he looked at her admiringly.

“This is so much fun”, he though to himself and smiled.