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Realizations can happen any time , any place about anyone – provided you do not ignore them.

And when they reveal things about you, it can get a little too much sometimes.

The last month has been little stressful for me even when there been moments of great joy too. But all the talking , thinking and worrying at times did leave its mark.

While I can not and do not want to re think over those lines, here’s something I did realize –

Between you and me

I am not always in sync
With the little voice in head
I do not usually deny
It says stuff I leave unsaid.

I recognize the voice as ‘she’
the kind of spirit I am not
And she has a lot to tell me
Whether asked or not to poke.

These days she been telling
I have lost a grip on things
My head is such a mess
No logic, just all feelings.

I am scared of days to come,
And of failing people who care,
I need reassurance now and then
Am not walking alone here.

I demand a lot sometimes,
She keeps sending the warning,
But to question,if am wrong,
to that, she won’t be answering.

I feel so lost, so worthless,
I don’t know what to say or write,
Between you and me, I told her
I think we both are wrong and right.

Help me, I whispered to her,
And she filled my eyes with tears
Let it flow my dear she said,
Selfless love alone can free your fear.

~ Nimue


Written for Month of year challenge : Nov , Sunday Scribblings , Open Link night

Love , A story & About it

It was here that she realized she was in love with him.
It was mostly empty during the week; unless you count the the green grassy plots and fresh flowers keeping an eye on her.
He had looked handsome that day in the coffin.
The cemetery became her home since.

Written for Theme Thursday & for G-Man’s Friday flash 55

Last week I wrote this as a comment on some one’s blog and I think it was misinterpreted as me mocking the author. I find that amusing ’cause my thought process was all intent to explain loneliness of a human. We all need some one to talk to / write to . Just to let our stories be heard. to be known for the words and thoughts. And when you have no one to share those words with , it gets really haunting and lonely place to be.

Ye kaunsi kahani hai ki yaha likh bhi main raha hoon,Aur padhane wala bhi koi aur nahi hai..

(Translation 🙂

What is this story
I script,
and I alone would read it.

What did you understand for the lines ?

Let me know your views.

Travel time and random observations

At times , we notice things which stay in our memories. Somethings we notice daily without fail or make a habit of noticing every time we pass through same place or meet same person. Maybe useless observations to most people , but still so much fun to you. That is a part of awareness of brain and interaction of different senses at that particular time. More like a context. Like a particular smell will ALWAYS remind you of some one, or a song is associated to some person. Such memory mappings are usually random when they first happen and later we do it consciously. Like I always search for a particular building when I travel from my place to nearest market. I just know when I will cross it and I try to locate if some one has started living there or not.

Now days all around you, we find people busy with themselves – on call , listening to music on earphones , reading, working offline , or sleeping at times. The sleeping ones and the reading ones are excused but for the rest , I feel they are losing so much in the time they are being so busy. Travelling should be treated as a break from every one and everything around. Being occupied all times dulls the senses. Travelling with open mind and senses aware , can be so relaxing and refreshing. One should at times just enjoy the feeling of journey – Each pause and acceleration.

Feel the flow of the vehicle you are in; or the rhythm of your steps as you walk – ’cause that’s how life is best enjoyed. In those few moments we are on our own , and can afford to switch off the world in our hearts.

Independence day !

For the first time , I do not want to type in bold "Happy Independence Day" or smile about all that this nation of mine has to offer me. Not that it has done less for the citizens. It has provided us with a lot of meaningful resources and opportunities too. But what have we given it back ? What have I as a citizen done for the nation ? or even the part I live ?

Till I have a proud answer to that , I just wish each year adds glories to my country and not shame as i have seen in the last years ..

Bless you Inida(ns)

Think and speak

"there is another person,
deep inside our hearts;
who doesnt’t let us stick
to our designed parts."
you said this as we talked
and there my thoughts halt;
so this is the person
whose words we first hear
and with most loved ones
we chose to defensively differ ?
do we feed too much ego
to this little voice in heart
and not use our head
that points to a better start ?
As if you read my mind,
you smile and hold me close
your little devil doesn’t speak
I know you keep it in control.
I laugh and imagine the opposite
how I could have hurt others
or even myself intentionally
if I never thought before I speak.

wave theory. .

today i wanted to be a wave. The one passing through loved souls, leaving colors behind. And now i wonder if those colors take something away from me or the soul ? Will the wave havd a mind or heart ? Both ? Or none ? Where will the search of home lead this wave ? Will it ever rest or like me stay active at odd hours feeding on darkness within my heart. Where do waves rest ? Or souls like mine ? Do they just stop feeling, lose colors, fade ? Will i . . Well lets leave some questions unsaid. .

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Loving & Loved

There are some days when you feel loved. And some when you love. It is not being in love. but just having some one to love still. From the first crush till today , I can almost name some person with whom I “thought” I was in love. Maybe I really was. But those days are past. Those reasons and emotions are past. Today I love people for making me feel good. It’s not about praising me always but more like, appreciating the good I have and forgiving me for the bad. For making me change myself and not just dictating the rules like rest of the world. Gender or age does not bother me these days. I just love the person for the heart and mind that walk with him/her.And to think of the fact that I found feelings like these to be weird at one time. Call it maturity or jsut craziness, making some one smile and smile with him/her can sure make your day a blessing !

Only if I could put words to such feelings in a way not to offend/scare the people concerned 😉
But maybe these unexpressed thoughts are what add to the enigma of loving and being loved.

Rise in Love. And stay in love. Accept being loved.

(This post was inspired by a twitter conversation with @ScribblingOn )