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Hey stranger

Hey stranger,
You made me talk when I was in distress
Maybe I looked as if I could need a word
In this new country, so tired of this cold;
Maybe we both needed to shed some light
On the reasons that brought us to that place,
Both with a mixed feelings about our names and place
He who was dropping his father’s name
Me who picked up my husband’s surname
Both unsure yet happy with the choice
Both strangers , yet bonded for a while.
Hey stranger,
Thank you for the smile.
Today was my first day in Canada and its freezing cold ( nothing new for this country ! ) But it’s every bit of my worst nightmare in terms of nature. And though I used uber for all my commute , I still felt my bones cold and aching by end of the day. But wherever I went , I met some really helpful folks and specially this teacher Alex who talked and talked and as much as I was amazed at his questions , I kind of liked it. I wish I had taken his email id for maybe more talks on history and his travels.
This is inspired by Weekly Smile post. Finally I got the motivation to share about mine this week ( mostly I feel like sharing my joys would catch a bad eye of fate too soon )