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Love , A story & About it

It was here that she realized she was in love with him.
It was mostly empty during the week; unless you count the the green grassy plots and fresh flowers keeping an eye on her.
He had looked handsome that day in the coffin.
The cemetery became her home since.

Written for Theme Thursday & for G-Man’s Friday flash 55

Last week I wrote this as a comment on some one’s blog and I think it was misinterpreted as me mocking the author. I find that amusing ’cause my thought process was all intent to explain loneliness of a human. We all need some one to talk to / write to . Just to let our stories be heard. to be known for the words and thoughts. And when you have no one to share those words with , it gets really haunting and lonely place to be.

Ye kaunsi kahani hai ki yaha likh bhi main raha hoon,Aur padhane wala bhi koi aur nahi hai..

(Translation 🙂

What is this story
I script,
and I alone would read it.

What did you understand for the lines ?

Let me know your views.