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Expensive things do not make one happy, they make you proud. It is the simplest and smallest ones that matter a lot more

My mother always taught this to me and she could prove it by most amusing of examples too. Like once when I was too hungry, she asked if I would want to have some toy i wanted or want to have daal-roti. Of course I wanted the toy too but at that moment I was damn hungry. I wanted nothing other than a good meal. So perhaps happiness is more about what you need that moment ? For this she said that the toy can get old and break after a while, or perhaps I will no longer like it but there are some things and certain gestures that are universal. Such things appeal to you always and sometimes to everyone. THAT IS HAPPINESS. A feeling that will last as a memory and that do not need to reproduced with materials alone as it is seen here –
Of course such lessons were as hard to accept and follow as much to hear at that time. But as you grow ( if you grow in the right direction i mean ) you see the sense in such words. Last year when I took lart in the #100happydays challenge, I was amazed myself how I could finish that. Being a little pessimistic person, being happy was a task unless you start believing that you have all the right to be happy and it is not dependent on someone as micj as you think. Then you have the most amusing and sometimes ridiculous list of things that make you happy. Here is mine (in no particular order ) –
Bed tea – Am willing to get up and serve the chai but not to stand and stare at it while it boils. No sir, i will rather sleep 5 more min. I love those 5 min sleep phases too.
Dinner – I do not care if the food is warm or not, as long as i get something to eat within 15 min of reaching home, I am a happy lady. If nothing, i will make chai and maggi each day
New Books – Am a bookworm.
New Earrings – its an obsession to buy and have anything that catches my fancy. Blame it on the late introductions to fashion !
Wearing Saree – it makes my husband praise me a little more 😉
Praises – from my mother and husband who otherwise believes she is on a mission to keep scolding us to change and be better.
Good company – for anything and everything. Sometimes you are the best company for yourself
Old songs that make you nostalgic of some more happy moments
Cooking ’cause food is love and feeding others is a devotion.
Also it is happiness to write such posts about being happy so that you can feel blessed for all the above reasons. Everyone needs such reminders to be thankful and more happy.
Cherish your reasons and the happiness.

52 weeks of Gratitude : Family member or friend ?

I have already mentioned that for the most years of my experiencing the world, away from home ; My friends were my family. I still count few to mean as much to me as my close knit world of parents and siblings – mine and Yogesh’s included.
This is going to be a post about two of my favorite guys who know me much before Yogesh and a little bit better too sometimes. These two have been a blessing not just one moment or few times a year but practically everytime I ping them, Its like my ultimate chance of seeking answers and peace.
I will not name either ’cause the post isn’t about that. This is an attempt to acknowledge and tell you how much special you are to my life and how much I love you both.
I have my off days more than the good days and irrespective of being warned and threatened by one of you that it will do me major harm some day, i am not concerned because no matter what happens, I am going to have your support.
For every week we have knows each other, for every argument and days of not talking, I have more days when just a hello from you have made me believe that God has sent me angels !
I wish for you lot of joys and friemdswho are better than me. And for my sake , dare not change. You are the nicest men I know and most inspiring too. Thank you for every moment and memories.

#Lookup : Long live goodness

Hope is a fragile spider web ; easy to weave and as easy to be trapped in. Sometimes hopes make you strong, and most times the lack of it makes you most vulnerable to depression. All you need is one peraon or moment to show you a brighter way ahead.
Many of my friemds and old readers are aware of the times I am forced to close my blog and go into hibernation due to the online bullying and attempts to malign my good name in all ways possible.
It all started in 2009 when unaware to me, a few of my friends were getting emails about me being a gold digger and to have multiple relationships in the past for fun and to leave guys crying ! The emails soon reached me too where much worse things were said about my family and me.
It was when I had almost decided to go offline forever and stopped talking to even my best friends that two people first took it upon themselves to take such comments head on. They spread word about this to other friemds and supported me everywhere. The founder of the group blog even filed a formal complaint against the source of such emails.
I was all alone , far away from my family and knew not many people offline. My world and friendships online suffered a setback which i had never imagine to happen. But that phase also showed me true colors of so many people. A few strangers emailed me showing their unconditional support and few even wrote posts about me and showered love on me. It was so overwhelming that to this date, i feel grateful to these friends i had. When i had lost all hopes and was in the peaks of a depressed phase, the two guys who had dared to challenge the bullying kept me hopeful of the end being not too far. Their calls would be the only time I smiled and dared to openly cry too.
The same thing was launched again more viciously against my husband and me last year. And it was Yogesh’s efforts and support that kept me sane. It was the worst wedding gift any one could get and I still fear a lot of things. My confidence and trust has completely gone for a toss but the few good friends I have gathered over the years keep me hopeful that I can sail through any storm. I was spared from depression but i know the troubles Yogesh faced for my sake has no parallel. We had support of some really awesome people who paid no attention to anything except being nice to us everytime. And with all these efforts, we crossed that eclipse too.
There is goodness in the world still and all it needs for us to be good ourself and seek help at the right time. Do not be stuck in hopeless situations for long. Break the circle and be bold to give a shout out.
Be hopeful and lookup to the strong and wise ones always :


To believe
In chance
And fate
And surprises
And fortunate
To be scared
Of hoping
Or even
To be never
In the race.
To be sick
From worries
and bleeding
And walls
That could
Or would
Or perhaps should
Hold life.
Sometimes , all I can express myself is in a poem which is either too cryptic or too transparent. Wonder what you think of this one.

52 weeks of Gratitude : Gift of Joys

This post is supposed to be about something someone gave me. And as I thought of various gifts I got or demanded from friends, these were all tied by love they symbolized. But there was one incident that i felt showed not just love but thoughtfulness to make me  feel good at a time I was lonely.
It was February 2008 when CCD had an offer to have a rose and chocolates delivered to your lover on Valentine’s day. I had suggested two of my best friends to use that for their girlfriends. On 14th, I got the most lovely red rose and chocolates delivered by a really cute guy from CCD. I was not in a happy phase in life and certainly did not have any one who would send me such loving gift so when I got to know that the delivery was on behalf of these 2 friends, I was happy beyond words. And I took that day as a lesson to always spread and show love to everyone you like. Some times the gift of such joys or such memories is all one needs to sail through the hard times.
Thank you God for such friends, and such caring human beings who make you believe in goodness and love.

52 weeks of gratitude : Week#3 : Family

Family is a word whose definition or i should say scope changed for me every 5 years till now. From being a part of joiny family initially then understanding the concept of nuclear family for 10 years where I loved my sister and dominated the kid brother. Adding roomies when i was in college and later when i started work. All this while my cousins and uncles and aunts also were a part of extended family.
But then, you grow up to a point that only friends stand with you when everyone is not just far but practically unaware of all the ups and downs in your life. Who do you call family then ? I made some of the best friends during this phase and few who are as important to me as my own siblings.
Everyone loves their parents and no amount of words can express that feeling truly. But one family that you are both excited and nervous to be a part of is of your husband’s.
I got the most loving family when I married Yogesh. And this is one unit that I am most thankful for every passing month. Be it my love for books, or my late sleeping habits, or my non consistent cooking or talking too much at times and sometimes even forgetting that i came to this house just 15 months back ! I am almost reminded of a dialogue from Hum saath saath hain – that perhaps all my life I had been learning and moulding myself to be a part of this family.
Any event, each festival , every important date ; I have felt so much love and a feeling of belonging with all. If Yogesh is the perfect partner (mostly) for me, his family is much more worthy of praises and gratitude every day. The parents , other elders ,his  brother and sister and the cousins.. everyone has helped me learn and grow and take up responsibilities in a way that i never felt overwhelmed about it. Even though i fear failing sometimes, i am assured that the support will be the same for all my efforts. These people have taught me so much in terms of celebration and being happy always.
At times when my mother and mother-in-law meet ; I marvel at their strength and love. I know the stories of these two ladies and nothing i do will ever be as graceful as their actions and wise words. They are the chords that tie the two families together in true sense , not me or yogesh. We just fell in love and decided to get married. Its our familirs that accepted us and made this dream possible. And today I realize that not just yogesh but I have to thank out families first for this wonderful life together.
And since a few of my family would be reading this, i want to say thank you once again and a lots f love to you all.
So, who is giving the next excuse to party ??

New star in the sky

10 minutes back,I came to know of demise of a blogger I came to know 6 years back.
He was not a friend , neither stranger. He was an angel, or thats what he felt like to me. A person who always made people laugh and gave so much support to so many budding and seasoned bloggers alike.
I have not been in touch with him or his blog from an year but i often thought of him and smiled.I thatnked and believed in God because of people like him.

I will not say I miss you.
I already have you in my heart and gratitude for all the comments and few emails you sent me.
I am glad I had some connection with you and had the pleasure to know you in any way.
The sky has a new star and it shines bright because its your goodness that still can be seen from all over the world.

Bless your soul.

#MicroblogMondays : What's cooking !!

I have been baking. A little more than I thought I would.
And I am loving it a lot more than I ever imagined.
Two things I enjoyed baking most and I can say , I make them well are – Baked maththi & caramelized cupcakes ( with help and tips from husband dear )
I only wanted to bake stuff as an healthy snacking option and that’s what I have been searching. So if you got some recipe to share , do tell.
Ofcourse , not everything comes out good. I messed up with a bread recipe ( lets not go into what came out of the microwave 😉 )
But , I am going to try again this weekend and *fingers crossed* it should come out to be edible atleast 😛

#MicroblogMondays : New year , old goal

Last Monday of the year and I had nothing new or inspiring to wish myself today ( Every Monday I write my own quote and share with friends ) . I was not inspired myself for any new goal or resolution , knowing well that I had done a real poor show with the previous ones !
As I thought about different goals I had set for myself in the past , I realized it is exactly 2 years that I wrote my poetry e-book and put it up on amazon.
2 years !
And to think that I never attempted the same again even though I promised myself. So yeah , that is the one thing I want to achieve in 2015 – another poetry book.
Wish me luck !
And best wishes to you all reading this post J
Have a lovely week ahead.