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Collabrative Write

One of the best conversation is one which flows without effort – towards new horizons and ideas .. And i have such poetic banter with Preeti often. This is our latest and one of the best talks in recent times –

strangers now : wondering who : you to me : me to you : we to us #gogyohka

strangers we were : how we met : fell in love : fell apart too soon : and strangers we are again

stranger we are not though, to feelings that rust my heart, to ideas polluting the mind, a soul sold to cupid

cupid is not to blame: he’s the excuse we find: he’s not the one who made me love you: blame me and only me

love is a game, we fell in trap, we could not entertain much, an hence we part #poetry

don’t call my love a game, don’t call it a trap, its not some entertainment it was how I felt, don’t part away just now..

i played , i made the traps, only to be lost, in the maze you set, true or not, love hurt us both

no words to refuse you , none to refuse myself from the hurt, you do not deserve me, no words to tell how less i did

you lose me here dear l for love is what i never will know ; it eludes me as much as i seek ; so now i just let it be


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And now an announcement of a challenge : Months of a year challenge

Qualified to wed

Smiling faces with prying eyes,
humor laced words flow back and forth.
The guy appears shy –
the centre of attraction though,
His parents narrating the worth –
education, wealth,family and future,
Her parents look pleased
and curious enough to ask bit more –
Its the girl’s turn now
to be talked of in similar details
education, skills,hobbies and plans –
two kings describing their treasure trails.
All eyes now set in anticipation,
immediately the girl is gestured to come
with a smile pasted on the nervous face
she enters bearing the burden of family name.
The guy gives a hurried look,
one towards the girl,another to his folks
and the decision is sealed,
they did not like what they came to see.
she knows it well –
knew it before she stepped in front
she does not have a pretty face
nor the body blessed with grace.
It matters not,how well she read
or the fact she earned family’s bread –
It was a shame she didn’t look good
all other qualifications were put to end.

Submitted to Z to A challenge – Q

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Olivia passed me these awards 2 weeks back ( sorry dear am so late in putting these up on my page) And i thought its an excellent time to pass on few to my loved blogger friends ( You see, the festival season is here in India, and so am in celebration mode too 😉 )

Excellent bloggers/Writers inspire others to write more. So this Award goes to the people who make the follwoing blogs happen every week –

OSI , Sunday Scribblings , Haiku Heihgts , Thursday Tales , 3WW , FridayFlash 55 , One Stop Poetry , Big Tent Poetry , Poetry Potluck , Poetry Rally

A huge thanks to you for making me write every week ( more than i ever thought i could ) !

This award i dedicate to the few special people who always make me feel blessed to know them here : Jingle, Olivia , Leo , G-Man, DeadPoet , MoonWriter , Claudia , Teresa

And here’s my own for every one who has ever commented on my blog. your words mean a lot to me ! You mean a lot to me 🙂

Super Stars

and last but not the least, a dedication to you all :


You make me Think,

and you make me Write,

you touch my heart

and give me endless smiles..

You are the stars

in my blogging night

and the fluffy clouds

when days are bright

you are the heroes

that inspire me lot

My champion readers

Nimue loves you lot.


This post was totally prompted from this week’s prompt at OSI

when the match started

tring tring….

he picks up the call…. (without looking at the number for sure coz he waits for me to speak)

“watching the match,are you”, i finally speak.

“hmmm..” (nothing more, all concentration is on match)

“I am bored”

“So … ”

“so means … ”

“so what do you expect from me umbrella lady” (guess is that the match was paused for some reason,that’s why the attention on me)

“talk to me Mr couch potato”

“can that wait some time … why don’t you go online and talk to other friends ?” ( now getting irritated;  i love this)

“most of the guys are busy with world cup match and the girls off to sleep”

“and what do you think i will prefer now”

“of course you want me to get lost and leave you alone with your tv”

“how intelligent !”

“i know … but i won’t do that”

“how mean ! do i ever disturb you when you are watching some movie .. that too on your laptop”

“no.. you don’t. thats one more reason i love you”

“and i hate you right now”

“i know” (laughing now)

“Gal … keep the phone now .. i swear i will kill you when i meet you next”

“is it ?? ok ! will see about it when we meet”

“you not gonna let me watch the match, is it ??”

“ok ok .. go on .. as if you were not doing that all this while”

“i was .. but not *peacefully*”

“fuck off”

“thank you” (and so ended the call)

I was anyway happy just to hear him ! 😀

And then i went back to my studies 🙂