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“Thoughts , so many of them, all the time” I told my bestie who right now was my only sounding board.

“Like thousand threads working on the spindle. Churning hundred possible scenarios and demanding my attention.” I continued.

“Are these threads working parallel or entangled like a mess” , she probed.

I raised my head to see if she was serious or just pulling my leg. Seeing her look, I knew she was expecting me to answer.

“How does that matter?” I sighed

“Its a way I discipline my thoughts. Get them to line up for attention.” she smiled at me.


Inspired by Friday Fictioneers


It was his cue to go pick the house of the from the “big man” – the empty bottles in the window. The window was on the back of the house where there was a small waste land which no one crossed. It was probably a washroom, he knew where the “big man” hid his drinks from the rest of family.

Every month he went to the house and ask for the empty bottles to be recycled later. The house lady would count and exchange the bottles for 5 bucks each.

Then one day the big man died. There are no bottles in the window now. But double the number are exchanged every month when he crosses the path.


Inspired by CCC#18


Some scream,
some dream,
sometimes we hide,
sometime we lie
but it always comes out

from humans young and old,
from hearts balck or gold,
in words or gestures untold
they come out in light,
showing thwir true strength,
is all that matter in end.

can never be drowned so long
that truth cant be told,
in life or sometimes after that,
people find the courage to stand
with stories that create a bond.

Write on,
pass the words to others,
a lesson,a laugh,a tear,a scare
its all worth the efforts,
to leave behind memories to last.

West wind

It was another ordinary night. The bright broad moon outside yawned in boredom and eagerly waited to go push the sun out of the bed and take his warm spot instead.

She smiled, thinking of the golden sunsets that she had witnessed in the pool last weekend. The sun sure knew to make grand entry and exits most days.

She was quite lost in her thoughts when she felt the first gust of west winds. She giggled as her best friend joined her , playing with her and nudging the creatures awake and out in open on Earth below.

“Wasn’t expecting you tonight wind” , Moon said , her attention still on the tides trying to reach her.

“Well, it’s been a long winters that I been trapped indoors. Wanted to take a stock of the land before my man steps out”

“Ah! Mr summer is finally ready to roll ?”

“Yeah, hopefully soon though the house be very cold when Mr Winter retires there, You know what ai mean” she giggled and went her way to announce the onset of spring.


Spring is almost here in Canada and as per Greek mythology Zephyrus was the personification of the west wind and the bringer of light spring and early summer breezes.


Inspired by Twiglet#117 prompt.


“It’s their perception, you know” he said

“Yes, it is. But nothing that can not change” she said with more optimism than she felt.

“We decided to do this. I know you don’t agree but let’s not have any regrets please.”

“It wasn’t a substitute. We do want to start a family. Just not this year maybe.”

“That you and I know. Others don’t. Let them say what they want.”

“It’s just not fair. Working in a foreign country or making money is not same as having a child.its not a bargain.. I mean what even are these people thinking ..”

He sighed ! She isn’t going to forget this any soon. Probably she won’t even forgive herself for this decision.

Unfair games

Hide and seek,
this blame game of mine,
none ready to open talks,
knowing no side is entirely right.

We meet in dreams,
keeping tally of our scores
hours of forced silence,
each day that love is lost.

We send messages and wishes
through public forums at times
totally ignoring the pain
that privately festers inside.

We cant forgive ourself
and no reason to blame either,
we cant forget the mistakes
knowing we can’t change,no matter.

Hide and seek,
this futile game,
life passing by so fast
Yet, we stay unfair.


Inspired by the prompt at dVerse


Love can be a thousand things
depending on who you ask,
but what it isn’t is a privelege
for being in love is no easy task.

Love can be told a thousand ways
depending on how you express
but how it will be reciprocated
is never as good as one’s guess.

Love can fill a thousand pages
depending who yeilds the pen
but it sings the loudest
in silence of the shy ones.

Love can survive the seven seas
or make one cross them someday
but it values the hearts more
who broke mountains to make way

Love is what I never understood
till I learned to surrender
but not without a good fight
for the heart that made it matter.


Wrote a rhyming verse inspired by dVerse Poets and for “Wild card”prompt by V.J

Gift of love

“You let me be” –
a gift we all seek
in the eyes of lover,
in the hold of his hands,
in his words,in his world.

Where we fit and how,
what we break,what we mould,
it is no one’s business to guess
how we flow into each other.

Where we begin, where we end,
is never a thought when we walk
hand in hand,solid like a wall
for every hurdle,prouder we stand.

“you dream whatever you want”
the rule we made to each other
“will make each dream happen” –
the promise we live by forever.


This poem is inspired by the movie Gully Boy I saw today. The movie is about struggles of a man following his dreams and passion. The poem I wrote is mostly about the relationship of this man with his girlfriend. It totally reminded me of the early years with my partner and how even today most of our decisions are about making each other’s dreams happen.

Sharing one if my favorite song from the movie (could not find one with english captions, but the music is damn good)


Linked to Poetry Pantry

No longer

It isn’t easy some days
this endless waiting game;
it doesn’t work this way
this routine,I daily fake.

It isn’t always right by me
to carry the torch of love
drowning in my own doubts
who would hold the flame above ?

No longer strong
No longer patient
No longer feeling lucky
No longer content

This may be a phase,
i know tomorrow wont be same;
but whatever it is,right now
I want an out from this game.


I know many times it is a choice to think good , feel better and act like all will be for the best. But today I want a break from this routine positivity. I need and want to let my walls down and let myself feel that today is not one of the good days. And there is no reason to even justify with a reason to feel whatever I am feeling right now. So while my unexplained mood swing passes , you have a wonderful memories from the weekend ! I will catch up with a better verse and news later !

Till death ..

She sets the bed
carefully –
clean sheets , fluff pillows
nothing too dark ,
none too flowery either;
alone she lies there
night after night,
smiling at his pictures
casually placed all around
yet none of his hands
to hold,
none of his lips to close
with her own;
no stories told
to the bare walls,
no smell of fresh coffee
ever travels the halls,
the bed is ready she whispers –
to dreams and death,
whichever comes first.