Self admiration

my smile arrives,
from lips to eyes,
i hug myself tight
smile getting bright.

i gaze into my image
reading my soul’s page,
and bend my head a little
like solving some puzzle.

dreamy hug

then suddenly i feel
as if you can see me,
i bury my blushing face
into my hug’s empty space.

before i can recover well
from this act of foolishness,
often i get your sudden call
as if you really read my heart.

i smile on being questioned
“what you busy doing my love”
how to tell i was admiring myself
but the admiration is yours to tell.


Some people make you complete;some just vitiate;you were the latter,i realized a lot late..

my dreams are his widow;he the one to Vitiate their words r now tears;when i thought joys are due.

as much as your touch stimulate;i won’t say it doesn’t vitate my ideas 😉

More usage andmeaning f the word here

<musings of a healing soul and a warrior of words>