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2012 , I love you

tangent to flames,
ice creeks,stars strewn over time,
new dreams taking shape

( for Haiku heights and The Sunday Whirl )

After much brooding , what NOT to post about 2012, I decided, some things and people do deserve the mention on this blog. Maybe , just this one time or maybe their names frequent my journals hereafter, but today , this moment, they are special to me and so much dear to my smiles. so in no particular order , I deliver my “farewell 2012” speech.

( you can skip to the end now ’cause the post otherwise might go loong )

some farewells are bitter-sweet.
some moments you want to hold, some want to let go.

2012. I want to hold on to you. totally.

I found the one love I had always waited for.
I found another dear friend and “sister”ly love right in my room.
I fought and fought some more and then cried with and for my best friend and yet we bear each other another year.
Reconnected with my soul sister once again and in much mature ways.
My cooking was made fun of , I was kind of ashamed to re learn , but I learned and treated my family to some awesome meals.
I wrote , and wrote a little more than last year and finally got an e-book published.
I lost ( I assume I did) a little weight and want to lose lot more in 2013 so I can wear that summer dress I always wanted.
I got promoted , got a (very little) salary hike and I did some impressive shopping this year – A new laptop and new TV for home.
Had some memorable trips – Jaipur , Vaishnodevi , Lucknow ( 2 times ) , rishikesh, Mathura-Vrindavan and few to grandmother’s place.
Attended a Muslim wedding ( 2 actually) – wedding of 2 best friends 😀 , met gulzar Saab , did rafting .
Met some awesome people from twitter and blogs.
Had some great conversations – both in person and on call.
Some awesome conference calls and reunions with friends.

A little doubt here , a little argument there. A little insecurity at times , a little let down some nights , some people were missed , a few got lost in lists.

And yet , 2012 was a splendid time after so long.

Thank you god !
bless me and these smiling reasons always 🙂

Happy New Year

Another year full of high and lows
some we will cherish,some not;
some days that gave us joys
some that killed all hopes;
we survived them all,
keeping friends and family close;
Making smile a habit at times
greeting it even in time of woes;
may the days to come shine the same
and keep getting better always…

Happy New year 🙂

Also wanted to share this very inspiring song :