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A dream ?

Her flesh turned colors
from deep red to pale green
like the devil he dreamt of
each night of the last week.

with razor sharp nails,
she tore his heart aside
leaving a pool of blood
crawling around like reptiles.

Next she plucked his soul
that lie hidden in his eyes
and when she was done,
she hypnotically collapsed…

It was a dream he thought
when his hysteria woke him,
to find a green face in the mirror
and her heart, like resin, burning .


Blame watching “supernaturals” these days, for this poem 😀

Linked to 3ww and Monday Melting

Had heart been silent

Heart should have remained
silent when you had asked
if i ever loved,
had i not wished
an affirmative answer,
and you perhaps otherwise,
we would not be where we stand
loved, hurt and inclined to part
not by choice
or force of time
but still at crossroads
facing away
and heading out,
alone but not lonely
with tears but of memories,
pricked by figments of the silence
that would have saved
this vulnerable soul
from hardening thus.

Originally written in response to this poem, edited and submitted for 3ww

also linked to Poetry Tow Truck

I surrender

your dreams approach me,
as i begin to relax in mine;
breaching my privacy,
baring my soul naked,
they tease my senses,
arouse my desire
untill i whisper
your name between sobs
of guilty pleasure,
like embers of my flesh
aglow in your gaze,
I surrender to you,
your need of me,
and mine of you …


Prompted @ 3WW