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Transition in Love

They both felt the strain; the effort not to stumble. It was a tough phase of transition from long distance relationship to living together. They were walking on two ends of a broken bridge – holding and balancing each other. It was either doom or glory. She grimaced but then smiled. Love conquers all.

Prompted at Thursday Tales & 3WW

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True Predictment

As she woke on the sea shore, She could feel him around,laughing feebly on her,drinking her beauty, and the goodbye kiss – her first and last with anyone. Silently she walked into the rising waters and was gone forever. she was predicted to kill her true lover. She did just that, though unintentionally.


Prompted @ Thursday tales and 3 word wednesday

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Things change..

Just 12 hours back they were romancing each other on a park bench; oblivious to all the eyes staring at the lovely couple in love.

And now, he was dying. she held his hand in hers and let tears fall ceaselessly. Both of them had nothing left to say.

The curtain fell. Movie was over.