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A to Z challenge : Praise the “cooks”

candles flickered,
casting fun shadows on wall
hungry eyes look bored.

He was late tonight. The head witch Tracy sat impatiently at the door step waiting for him. The new comers to the witch family , sat impatiently around the dinner table , staring at the food which had gone cold already. Finally footsteps were heard from far away. He was still two streets away when Tracy ordered the candles to be lit and the food to be roasted once more. He liked his meat warm and chewy unlike the rest who did not care a bit for her cooking. And so , she made them wait every night for him. Little did they know , he liked to act important, hence the deliberate delay every night. It was after all a good decision to host the witches , he thought to himself as he entered his house, specially Tracy who loved to cook for anyone who cared to praise her.

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A to Z challenge : Believe

“you don’t believe it ?” , she asked him as she folded a few more dresses and stacked them on the bed.

Next she took out the suitcase from the almirah and only when she was done packing her things , did she turn to him.  All this while he was looking at her activities with an amused look.

“so ..” , she looked at him questioningly.

“If you had to leave , you could have just left. you know , why spend last half hour convincing me about it ? Unless you want me to ask , when you would be returning” , he smiled as he picked her suitcase and walked ahead of her, without waiting for a reply.

She went and sat in the waiting cab, and finally laughing at her actions , she slowly said, “you really think I will not leave you alone for long ? You are right dad. I am returning soon and make sure you do not have any more fun without me”

And then she was gone. Out of her nest , for the first time ; with his belief in her , her belief in his trust and herself as her only ally.

a flower awaits,
pretty butterfly new born,
wonders lie in path.

A to z challenge : Adventure

she got it wrong,

the free bird reminded her-

money never goes high.

Sheela sat at her desk , looking out of the window. She could see the sun set in far horizon and the birds return home. she wished she could return home too. Then very slowly , she turned to look at the laptop screen where the Outlook showed a whole lot of emails awaiting her reply. She knew it would be another long day. Or night, she laughed to herself , hearing the office go silent.

If only she had listened to her heart to go on that adventure with him. That unplanned vacation he had so excitedly asked her to take with him. The trip he finally went alone and both of them missed each other so much. Just then, he called her and she made a mental note to join him over weekend, wherever he was and not to return for another week.

The pending work did not make her sad anymore.

She was finally let her heart win over her head.

And she felt lot better after a long time.


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