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For once,
Admit to yourself,
Love had no meaning
Lack of hate it was,
Interested we were,
Neutralizing insecurities,
Good idea ? Maybe Never.


"Afloat" (source unknown)


From loving “WE”,to
Losing “OUR” self,for
Others’ thoughts;
Attracted to sinking darkness
Tired of searching reason,
I rest in laps of evil,
Nothing to lose any more,
Giving up on you, I float.


Prompted @ BTP [ Write about a bad idea , write about floating ] , PAD [ write about falling ]

Also submitted to Poets United [ Monsters]


Fingers trace the once known shape

As memories fill colors to the thoughts;

Caressing my fingers,i feel yours

Erasing the senses, alien to yours.

Written for Theme Thursday

Today I share with you a poem by Eclipse. She has been inspiring me so much since I  first read her blog. Each of her post is worth reading.

An ode to a Poet

A different kind of a being
passing through
the windy alleys of this world
leaving the unforgetable marks behind

And how is it possible to ever let go
of such a precious soul
fragile and strong
at the same time
where light meets darkness
clinging to each other
deep inside his heart



Read the whole poem here

Happy Holi


Hearts set free
Of dark thoughts
Let your clean soul
Invite colors to life. 

Holi is the “festival of colors” in India. Where people celebrate the arrival of Spring season by playing with colors and water. A day before the festival is celebrated as a “celebration of good over evil” where in bon fire happen in the evening.

More details for wiki here.

Written for March challenge [ Day 19 – Clean]

Image Source


Chance yet comfortable talks;
Odd yet perfect relationships;
Simple yet complex feelings;
Mundane yet everlasting actions;
Omnipresent yet hidden silence;
So much said yet nothing enough !

Prompted @ March Challenge [ day 18 – cosmos ]


Dedicated to some of the best people I come across via the cosmos of my blog , a simple message :

You are so special to me !


A flash fiction based on Human Nature :

The sunrise was brilliant that morning. Such an odd day for them not to be together – the first too. She wished she could go with him to the lake, The same where she met him, where he proposed and suddenly she remembered it was the same place he supposedly met his new wife too.

Written for Monday Morning Writing Prompt

Also aubmitted to G-Man’s Friday flash 55 collection


No man or technology(is)
Able enough till date
To create the beauty of
Untouched flora and fauna
Raw in form since occurrence
Evolving daily, yet the same.

Prompted @ March challenge  (Day 7 – Nature) and sunday scribblings  (Raw)

Some words just fit(March 1-5)

Canopy of stars above,
Aromas of the woods around,
Moon singing lullaby
Projecting from the clouds,
In the lap of nature we lie
No longer worried of bugs,
Good thing we got repellant !

Prompted @ March Challenge (Day -1 : Camping)


With flowers in her tiny hands
the girl dressed in red ran, clutching
sheets of old paper along, the
pulled up socks sticking on top,
upon the head lay hat with crokked seam,
over her shoulders, the dress flew. in
your dreams might unravel her a(part)
head lost for heart , my life over death
I knew it was her, who had held the grip.


Prompted @ Poetry tow Truck

Lines used for the prompt are from Amy’s poem :

with the sheets pulled up over your head,
hands clutching the top seam in a death grip.

Aims, goals, Ambitions

Accept your weakness;
Instill faith on your strength;
Manage a balance between both;
Success will sure be yours.


Aspire beyond your thought
More on the lines of ideas
Bred on the soil of hard work
Instilled with lots of patience
Taken care with passion
Inch by inch you step close
One by one the hurdles fall
New paths are revealed,
Success earned is only yours.

Written for Poetry Potluck


To let out the pain;
Ease the tension in brain;
Accept my weakness;
Retrieve the strength;’cause
Soon I must overcome it all.

June was the month when i was going through no-joys-all-sorrows phase of year 2010. And being the person i am, i admit i give into disappointments too easily although i do not let them rule my head for long. This post is a reminder of the fact that sorrows do not last, but when you get them as company, do not feel ashamed to be weak at times.

Written for Months of the year challenge – June