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A song on poetry

After a long time, I realized am still an impatient , ill-tempered one when I am upset about something. And so the following verse :

I desperately
need to control
my steaming

Negative thoughts
make my
body ache.

The poem under spotlight today is :

He went to Save the World

On my way to University, I thought I would be able to solve the world’s problems.
I thought to myself: yes, yes I can do that. I cannot wait. I just know I can.

I got to my room and started my studies soon after my arrival.
Philosophy and psychology, physics and astronomy, those were the subject I came to learn.

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And a song on poetry I found :


PS : I am one poem closer to finishing my personal project but lot many away 😉 !

PPS : I am still bit upset ovr what happened today. More upset over the fact that I was rude when I was upset.

Hate you time : Stone#8 #aros

You time, fate and blah blah …
why the hell you can not let my thoughts rest !
Every time i  gather and sort them and bind them with sense, you have to come and explode right in the middle of it !
Now don’t dare say that I should be happy with what i get, yeah, try that tonight on me and you are doomed !
Of course I am glad to go with life’s flow but will you please let me do that without throwing pebbles into my soul ?
I am ashamed and guilty I can not be happy even with my joys , forget about considering others ! Does that appeal you ?