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Fall colors

Of all gifts, one could ask,
I never would have written beauty
in my birthday wishlist –
a mistake I wouldn’t make again
Fall colors as far as eyes could see,
curving wet roads, red leaves floating
on the chilly air kissing my bare face.
such bliss; so much blessed this year
witnessing to postcard beauty –
something my dreams were made of;
Best Birthday memory.

Last weekend, I went on a little day trip to Algonquin Park to witness the fall colors. I had only seen some pictures before this online and I was not prepared for the breathtaking beauty that I found myself surrounded with. So blessed to be spending this year in a place that is so beautiful.

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#5lines collection for May challenge

There is beauty in modesty;
Its modest to surrender;
there is modesty in beauty
Its beautiful to surrender;
Surrender modestly Oh beautiful !



Written for May Challenge by Ava [Day 15] , May2011 Int’l 5 lines poetry Month , Sunday Scribbling

~ ~

Proud , submissive
moulding breaking forming
It changes as it charges ahead;



Written for May Challenge by Ava [Day 16] , May2011 Int’l 5 lines poetry Month