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In the beginning .. #100blogDays #day1

In the beginning there is a thought , which for me is as good as an idea. Then comes the doubts , the questions on the feasibility , the laziness , excuses and the fear of failure. With me this is the usual cycle that I can not break often. 
But share the thought or idea with a good friend and you can be assured that you will get a few pokes and reminders to atleast begin. As the dialogue goes in one of my favorite movie , 

unless you take the car out of the garage, how will it ever see the daylight.. 

So this is the beginning .. 
This is me trying to not just revive this blog but to also get back to writing.
This is me reclaiming my voice of opinions , expressions and dreams. 
This is the first of the 100 blog posts I will try to write till end of 2016.
Thank you all those who took upon this crazy ide of mine seriously and now attempting to do the same. You guys are huge inspiration and reason for me to start. 
Please feel free to read , suggest topics , engage in talks and creative collabrations as you seem fit.
Happy reading.