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For once,
Admit to yourself,
Love had no meaning
Lack of hate it was,
Interested we were,
Neutralizing insecurities,
Good idea ? Maybe Never.


"Afloat" (source unknown)


From loving “WE”,to
Losing “OUR” self,for
Others’ thoughts;
Attracted to sinking darkness
Tired of searching reason,
I rest in laps of evil,
Nothing to lose any more,
Giving up on you, I float.


Prompted @ BTP [ Write about a bad idea , write about floating ] , PAD [ write about falling ]

Also submitted to Poets United [ Monsters]

Words I love

words to read
words to write
words to sing
be it day or night.

Give me a book;
sing me a song.

words of smile
words that cry
words that are
always not so nice.

tell me of your good
share with me your pain.

words of comfort
words of rage
words by fools
or maybe a sage

I know you not i think
but your words know me.

words to love
words to breathe
words remain
as I forever sleep.

You will miss me not
but maybe what I said.


Prompted @ Poetry potluck[favorite things] , Big Tent Poetry[Write a poem in which you have to repeat yourself.]

Collection of words for BTP

Big Tent Poetry gave us seven prompts for the week. I chose the following three to be my muse :

Write an ode to a thing you love in nature.

Petals –
dry , bright;
memories kept safe

Petals –
in books
your treasured touch.

Write an ode to a prized physical object.

books –
I treasure
and gift away.

books –
I receive
are never mine.

These are written in Hay(na)ku form. Hay(na)ku  is a 3-line poem with one word in the first line, two words in the second, and three in the third.

Write a poem about drunkenness.

I drink
amused at myself
I can drink
and be amused
by the drink.

You drink
to amuse
who drink
to amuse.

The above is a gogyohka. Traditionally gogyohka is a 5-line poetry where every line stands on its own as a separate line too.

I am sorry

I am sorry about being sorry
of being forgiven when not asked;
of the depressing gift of the mask
that I wore to hide my wealthy shame;
I am sorry about ever worrying
of the melodious lies you told
of the sour embrace you’d mould
that gave me forever,this disgraceful fame.
I am sorry indeed !

Prompted @ Big Tent Poetry , NaPoWriMo day#5

Submitted to G-Man’s friday flash55

Oxymorons ideas from here

Let’s create time

The first thought i had when i read today’s March Challenge prompt was “I wish I had abundance of time to do everything I want to do” ..  And then i checked Big Tent Poetry’s Prompt on science and i came up with this poem :

Today we will learn
to create some time;
enough to read ,
lot more to write.
Cut procrastination to nil
add free flow of passion,
mix it with some focus
the special kind that’s hard
and one which doesnt lose charm.
Keep your self in sunlight
and move yourself around
till fresh ideas simmer
and force themselves aloud.
Observe , notice and connect,
Read , ideate , read more and rest
stir it with a soft pencil
or your pet colored pen,
create time , create abundance of it
its all in your hands,not magic dear friend.

Pages from my mind

Read, think,
re-read aloud,
till the words
i talk about
take new roots
in your head,
till some idea
goes with you
even after the end….


Inspired from Big Tent Poetry :

This week, contemplate your canon (not your navel).  Come up with 10 potential titles for your newest/5th/yet-to-be-written manuscript.  Then, from those 10 titles, choose one and write the poem for that title.  Yup.  A little reverse psychology.  Write the title, then write the title poem.

I cooked dinner

I suddenly wanted to cook,
but not for myself this time
maybe my parents will love it
to have a special meal tonight.

So i picked some recepies i know
and knew well to make them best
and wrote each ingrediant in detail
in case i missed any of it in the end.

I invited my best friend for dinner
no harm in getting an honest opinion
on what i thought is a likeable meal
to be enjoyed well on the whole.

A curry, some lentils , and lot of spices
a special dough for the bread is made
a last minute thought dessert by mom
and i was all set to acknowledge the likes.

Apart from the under cooked curry,
every thing was perfectly done,
and i covered that disappointment of me
but brewing a perfect coffee flavour.

The dinner was fun and lively too
after a long time i showed my skills
and i would have been all so happy
if not for the piles of crckery in the sink.

Prompted @ Big Tent Poetry

Blessed Feet

Oh God, bless my feet
to move more than a feet
when i need to hit the streets
and not for the culinary treats.

Oh God, bless my feet
to move my lazy bones
out of the comfort zone
and bare the paths of stones.

Oh God, bless my feet
to keep me far away
from places i need not stay
                                                                  at,let temptations be slayed.

Oh God,bless my feet
to stay put when i need
to be grounded by thee
for the promises i did not keep

Image Source

Wriiten for Big Tent Poetry

Also submitted to Poetry Potluck Week 17

Do something

Do something
Do something you love
Do something you love to do;
Do something you love to do; do it !
Do something you love to do; do it, just for you.
Do something you love to do; do it,without expecting
Do something you love to do; without expecting others
Do something you love,without expecting others to be a part of.
Do something,without expecting others to be a part of that act.
Do something for yourself;And you got a manifesto for happiness.

Prompted @ BigTentPoetry (List Poem) , Sunday Scribling