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Knitted Shoes

Each summer vacations she would come

winters being her time to cater to aches –

feet, heart, joints and maybe the tired soul;

and so she came each may,loaded with love

and the candies, bitter sweet tales from village –

births, deaths, illness, festivals and gossips too.

but what i awaited was her knitting needles

oh what fun it was to see her spin her magic –

in any color i want ; even in more than one.

the first thing she made was the woollen shoes

one toe and four fingers fused into one space –

perfect to fit the heels when i run without sandal.

Each winter a new pair,its tales told next summer

each year a new foot size,and a new age for her –

And then i stopped wearing those shoes anymore.

not that i did not like them as much as a kid

not that i did not feel the cold trouble my toes –

but i just left it without another thought.

She can not travel each summer any more

and i do not go to meet her as regularly

but my granny still knits – for my kids maybe.

Written for Big Tent Poetry as inspired fromthe image at  Referential Magazine.

Also submitted to Months of the year challenge – May

and Sunday Scriblings [May]


Not always you need words
to express what you feel;
listen to the wordless music
if you do not yet believe.

Let music lead you
to the harmonious world
of beats, rythm and notes,
not always you need words.

trust not just what you hear
imagine even the unreal
ignore not when music talks
to express what you feel.

Words have their instant charm
but it can be attimes misleading
best way to feed your soul is,
listen to the wordless music.

Words have their instant charm
but trust not just what you hear
Let music lead you once,
if you do not yet beleive.

This is a cascade poetry where the lines of first stanza appear as last lines of consecutive stanza. So every cascade poem has the number of stanza as N + 1 where N = number of lines in first stanza.
I have further added a variation to this by repeating even the first lines of all stanza to make the last one

Prompted @ Big Tent Poetry.
Submitted to Z to A challenge – M

Also submitted to Poetry Potluck

Remembering an angel

Those purple framed glasses,
she wore as a challenge to school,
It was then I saw her first, being scolded,
and thought, her glossy hair looked cool.

The staircase where she sat with her gang,
talking to all who climbed up and down
the bitter whispers from the envious girls
equaled the drooping stare of guys around.

I was her pet doll in her final years
protected, loved and mentored upon
it was a rare privilege people would tell
and i valued her presence as my gourd.

There is no day when i miss her not
or feel her words of caution in my head
And also the one last kiss on my cheeks
just hours before she was found dead.

some say she was killed out of rage
some say she did it on her own,
only I know that neither is the case
she was my angel, she just returned home.

Prompted @ Big Tent Poetry

Love – yours and mine

We are each the love of someone’s life
Just am not in yours; nor you in mine.
I lie not when i say i wish this was true
’cause i loved you,but never realized !

’cause i loved you,but never realized !
until i saw you as love of someone’s life
I lie not when i say am happy for you
i don’t deserve your love,nor you mine.

i don’t deserve your love,nor you mine
I lie not when i say,quite late i realized
am happy,of my love,none ever had cue,
i fear i would have lost your friendship too.

i now fear to lose your friendship in life.
I lie not when i say,quite late i realized
We are each the love of someone’s life
I was never yours,you are one of mine.

Prompted @ Carry on Tuesday , where the prompt was to use the opening of The Confessions of Max Tivoli by Andrew Sean Greer, 2004 in your post.

Also Submitted to Big Tent Poetry.

Guilty Pride


I Step out of “ME”
tampered ego looms large
over forgiveness of heart –

Logic engulfs “MY thoughts”
now am done acting my part
a new chapter i wish to start;

i prepare for a war with “MYSELF”
fears and tears both now imminent
and still, a new pride i sense.


Prompted @ 3 word Wednesday (words) and Big Tent Poetry (theme)

Monday Prompt at BTP was : You may have to take a few steps and actually move outside your comfort zone. Do something different. Do something you haven’t done in awhile.

And i chose to question my love for few people.  To see if am valued as much as i should be in not just my world. It was a pain yet i liked it.

Also Submitted to fridayFlash55


Farewell time.till next time we meet.And it would not be not more than a week away.On cross roads we stand, facing each other : our trains will come from opposite directions, and go opposite ways. Last Wave of hand, last smile, the wait evident in the eyes, blurred image of trains crossing each other, soon trees are all i see passing by – A new journey.

The end is near now
Forces collide;cosmos are in chaos
silently we stare each other

This is a Haibun poetry form, Prompted at Big Tent Poetry

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