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Countdown .. #100BlogDays #day2

It started around the time I started earning and hence could plan gifts for myself. I have always made a big deal of my birthday as in buying something special or expensive. I can actually list the things i bought in last 7 years for my birthday.  
I can not explain the feeling – its not expectation from friends or family even when I have never had a birthday that was not overwhelmingly love filled . It is neither an obsession for materialistic things. The closest I have come for an explaination is that I value the fact that I am responsible for creating my own happy moments before anyone else does it. No one owes me that. I earned that privilege as I gathered some amazingly kind people around me. But first , i should be willing to pamper myself with love.
I am far away from transitioning the same understanding to some of my flaws and relationships that I hammer due to my fears of losing peole. I still do not value and cherish myself the way I am , this version of me that is sum total of all my past decisions and dreams. And that I suppose is what I should and would be doing this year. This year for my birthday I will be writing , reading more , taking my health seriously and become a better person with a positive outlook. 

Hope you all have figured out about yourself and your goals too !  Let me kNow if I can lend a helping hand to those .. 
Oh , btw its 20 days to my birthday !! 💐 ๐Ÿ˜€ 

Birthday this year ( a belated post )

Gift#1 – The new light in my life.

Bunked office mid way ,

Calls , messages , video chat , hugs and smiles.

Getting together with friends for cake#1

Ceremonial cake wasted on the “newly born”

Lunch & cake#2 with family

Blessings to act a little wise.

Late gifts.

Thank you ever one who made the past year so special and interesting to me. Looking forward to more reading and writing this year too with all your love and support.

A special hug to the one who made sure I will always remember this year for “love” and with more “love”.



Month of Birthday.s –

Mine on 13th ; My professional life on 23rd.

My parent’s relationship on 26th.

A month of celebrations –

birthdays, anniversary , festivals, holidays.

A month of wait –

Waiting for one wish,

waiting to hear from him,

A month of preparations –

of gifting your loved ones,

of hiding disappointment

of another year – same or not.


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