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Book Review : JFK by Jhangir Kerawala

Did i tell you I love reading about murders and the story that has to be traced back to “how and where” it all began ? and then comes few books that open with not one , but two murders in a row ! Whoa ! Now we are talking.


JFK … A dying man’s last word … A plea, an accusation or a clue? That’s what the police couldn’t figure out. What they did know was that they had serial murders in broad daylight, and just one suspect with little motive … Jatin F. Karunamoi, the dead man’s best friend. Jatin is no hero; he’s an unemployed 50-year-old, desperate to find a job. But his only hope for a life of dignity lies in him finding the real killer.


JFK opens with two unrelated people dying within the same night – Ram Prasad Yadav – a man set on revenge, Manish Kumar – one of the most decent person you could know.

Only link that is clearly visible – they were killed by same gun.
Only clue that the police has – Manish’s best friend , the “hero” of the story Jatin received a call from Manish who could only say “JFK” before dying.

Soon Jatin and his friend Montu find themselves protecting Manish’s secret and also trying to figure out what led to his murder.

Jatin is your normal guy who has shit loads of his own issues – unemployment , age , a family to provide and safegaurd and now the best friedn’s murder followed by some shocking truths about him and the stranger Ram Prasad Yadav.

The story of Ram Prasad Yadav and his role in the plot is well crafted and narrated. He is one of the character who even outshines Jatin once his story comes out.
One of the best thing about the book is the relatable feel to the book’s events. This is India as we talk about , as we know it. The way we think , the way we assume and react , the way people act in certain situations. Not a thing is out of place. The cover of the book , the scene setting , the characterization , the timeline and the events all appear to be either well researched or seen from close quarters. I always like when the author can bring that touch to his story. This one is absolute page turner. I have not finished any book faster than this one in the last six months. Only complaint I have is from the font of the book. Its a little too small in the sense that my table lamp reading was affected a bit. also one of the lady character I felt was not given a proper pink slip ! I wondered till the end , what she would be upto after all ?

And the reason behind the murders and the revenge ( did we think it ends with Ram Prasad ?) is something sort of a lesson to all of us who doubt our own voice and find in a position to never again say a word of good later.


All in all I would give 9/10 rating.


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A flawed god ( #Book #Review)

About the book :

An ordinary corporate executive turns assassin to save his firm from ruin with the help of the master of a secret guild out to revolutionize the corporation… 

Sanchit Mishra a.k.a. Sancho is staring bleakly at his performance appraisal form when an invitation from the mysterious Progress in Work Collective lands on his desk. His colleague and confidante, Pause Daniels, urges him to dig deeper. Soon he finds himself sucked into a secret world of anonymous superheroes out to revolutionize the business world by attacking that flawed god it worships – the share market. This parallel life pumps some self-esteem into Sancho, preparing him to do what’s needed when the firm is taken over by a multinational and an ugly industrial relations situation ensues.

The case for the transfer of ownership from shareholders to employees is made through Sancho and Pause’s story in this witty, fast-paced corporate allegory.

My two cents:

As soon as you turn first few pages of the book, you can know the author Arjun shekhar knows “to add” and “how much to add” of humor in his writing. And am glad to say that he does not loses this style till the very end. Sancho is the typical corporate guy, A bit crooked but one with good intentions and ideas ,which are either curbed by the bosses or by lack of opportunity. Pause , his best friend , the all so resourceful and  know-it-all lady is one of the best female character I have come across recently. This story belongs to her more than Sancho, who at places come across as really dumb ! what I liked about the book is the absence of any character that was either not needed or not given due place in the whole scheme of the events. The nicknames do get a little difficult to follow in the beginning as much as the general description of usual working in Sancho’s office.  but a careful read is all you need to sort that.

As the synopsis indicates , the story plot is based on working of share Market , ownership of any firm , the profits and the losses made , and more importantly, who benefits from all this. Is it all real or a carefully wrapped scam ! some of these questions have been tackled in the book via articles Sancho reads and more in the way the events unfold in the end of the book. But some how you still can not say the book is about share market and a common worker’s role in his work place. That connect / explanation did not go well with me.
I also wished the author had written more about the playshop which Sancho attends and the activities in detail. if that playshop could bring such a change in a guy, I would really like to know how it happened. The discussions that happen there were good to clarify certain ideas but the way that chapter was ended, disappointed me.

Another complaint that I had ( which most people will not agree with , I know ) is the parallel drawn between many events in the book with a cricket match ! Ok, I am no sports fan and not even cricket interests me.

Even if i am still a bit ignorant about share market and why firms sink , I am for sure a bit wiser on way people should work, way I should write my appraisal , or what is needed for people to try new things. some of the lessons shared in the book were not new but the way it was said was. And that did make an impact on me.

This is a book I might not read again as a whole but I have all plans to mark few paras for future read.

Rating : 4/5


This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at BlogAdda.com. Participate now to get free books!