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#Thankfulthursdays One message away

There are lot of stories and ways that technology has made our life simpler. But for the silent and so under confident girl like me, blogging was the first mean to connect to people who understood me and my poetry. And without internet and the various social Media pages possible over the years , I would not have known such kind hearted and inspiring people from around the world. I probably would not have met my husband who I first talked to on Twitter and later became friends and lovers.
When an email arrives from the land of Dutch  , it just brightens my day. I think of the random messages I have got from this lady whom I have not met , yet who is so so aligned to my thoughts and feelings at times when I need them most. When my best friend from USA sends me pics of his newborn kid , it isn’t the same as kissing the little one but it’s a special feeling to feel included. I know it has more to do with people willing to be a part of your world , but hasn’t technology multiplied the possibilities ? A voice note to wake up to , a video call when you want only that one person to be around in the moment , a message to say “I am sorry” .. the pictures , the memories , the stories , you reading them here and I saving them for my old age.. our ancestors too had their ways to pass the knowledge. Of course we are a generation of over sharing maybe , but look at the ways technology connected people when tragedies strike a city or nation. Imagine the power and impact of these connections and shared knowledge.
Isn’t this a truly connected life ?
Isn’t this something to be truly thankful for ?
This post was inspired by the last week’s topic (I had no clue about the current topic and this was a genuine mistake to not check the week when I discovered the hashtag)



I am taking my Alexa ranking lower with the help of #myFriendAlexa campaign by blog chatter. 

Writing ideas and reading mojo 

About 5 years back when I was active on this blog , I remember meeting some wonderful poets and reading / collaborating with a random people. To read , comment , react and bond with a community of bloggers was a norm in my day. And then I had to shut my blog for some months , returned months after  I got married, tried to write this and that but some where I had lost so many bonds and the inspiration to blog like I used to. Life took me down so many paths that there was not enough pause to reflect and write. Or perhaps not writing about my days made them feel so much more heavy . 
So many of the prompt sites that helped me grow as a blogger and poet have closed and the new ones are just off the radar. It is not the prompts that I lack but more so the interactions and the takes on same theme that I sorely miss these days. The free banter and the challenges were amazing fuel to my lazy mind.Even after trying again and again to revive the same spirit , I feel this space still lack the life and love it once survived on. Is it just me or are you all feeling that gradual recess of visits and talks that were once the reason for so many fun moments and friendships !
Thankfully , some of my friends are blogging along me till end of 2016 and so , I am also getting into habit of reading blogs. I plan to dedicate weekends to visit old blogs and see how they are  today. I hope you all are writing still and  feeling great in general. If you know of good weekly / daily writing prompts , do share the link with me. What new is happening in the world of blogs ? What have I missed upon ? Hit me the new trends and ways people ! I will be so grateful !

In the beginning .. #100blogDays #day1

In the beginning there is a thought , which for me is as good as an idea. Then comes the doubts , the questions on the feasibility , the laziness , excuses and the fear of failure. With me this is the usual cycle that I can not break often. 
But share the thought or idea with a good friend and you can be assured that you will get a few pokes and reminders to atleast begin. As the dialogue goes in one of my favorite movie , 

unless you take the car out of the garage, how will it ever see the daylight.. 

So this is the beginning .. 
This is me trying to not just revive this blog but to also get back to writing.
This is me reclaiming my voice of opinions , expressions and dreams. 
This is the first of the 100 blog posts I will try to write till end of 2016.
Thank you all those who took upon this crazy ide of mine seriously and now attempting to do the same. You guys are huge inspiration and reason for me to start. 
Please feel free to read , suggest topics , engage in talks and creative collabrations as you seem fit.
Happy reading. 


Sometimes you have stuff to write, but not to write about. Its like this huge craving to read your own thoughts and yet not reveal anything going inside the head. To look around at stories happenning, and yet be selfish enough to hide from them. What if they wanted to be written and passed on ?
Someday, i will surrender.
I promise.
Someday soon i will revive this page.
This bond with words and all of you who still keep in touch here.
Someday I will be back to your world.
To your blogs.

52 weeks of Gratitude Posts : Week#1 – Why start this challenge ?

If there is what I have learned from 2014 , it is to always be thankful for your life – both the good and not so good of it ( It can always be worse  and you can make it so better ) So , this challenge is going to make me express the same feeling here on my blog. Other reasons can be :
1. I want to blog more
2. It helps me if I have a topic to write on
3. The thank you posts will be duly shared with the person ( if applicable ) as a handwritten note of my heartfelt gratitude.
4. I wish more people be inspired to be thankful for their blessings and crib a little less.
5. I want myself to NOT FORGET being happy and thankful each passing day.
Ok , that will do I suppose. Also ,I hear the microwave calling me. Something healthy is cooking 😉


The blog is sleeping.
And yes , I am to be blamed for that. Suddenly so much is happening in my life that I have no head or heart in writing anything. This is a short post to say hello to anyone who still drops by. A thank you to friends whom I know are wondering where I am hiding , and a promise that I would be back (soon I hope).

Be good. Keep writing and I promise I would read you all sooner than I start blogging again.


As soon as I read the prompt light(s) , I was flooded with lot of options to write about. And then I thought of ways to light up our life and other’s as well. so here I wrote an acrostic for light –






Here’s another beautiful light in my life ( gifted to me on my birthday this october ) :



And one for the lovely bunch of people , who light my life –

To family for being the light,
that shines in my heart –
and the lovely fireflies
that makes me smile each time.
To the friends that adorn my skies
whether day or darkest hour of night,
and shine in such unseen corners
where nothing seems to fit right.
To the love that keeps me writing
of people , words and images,
of comments so kind and fun
I owe it to you all for keep me loving.


For Two shoes , Month of year challenge – Oct

Awards , This – that and blah !

This post was supposed to be written way back ! Ok ! not so long back , but yeah , a week would be fine to assume. Thanks to the second award by Sheelu , I finally am writing this one. Sorry dear , I missed writing the post for previous award so I am gonna combine it in here  😀 ( yeah yeah lazy me 😛 )

( And do scroll down for some awesome blog recco )

The Rules:

  • If you are nominated you must include the link in a blog, linking to the person/blog that nominated you.
  • You must answer some questions and nominate 10 fellow bloggers and link their blogs in your post. Let the people you have nominated know that you have nominated them!

Now as per the rules.. here comes the questions:

  1. Who is your favorite philosopher? My friends Sree , Meanie , Nave and Yogesh. No one can give me wisdom like they do. And my mother for the spiritual guidance always.
  2. What is your favorite number? 13 ( dnt make a face ! its my birthdate )
  3. What is your favorite animal? Cats ( And offlate its yogesh’s pet dogs )
  4. What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs? Twitter : @nimue_
  5. What is your favorite time of day? Returning from office @ 2 AM. I love the silent roads , blinking lights and the darkness travelling with me. It always inspires the dreamy me .
  6. What was your favourite vacation? A much awaited trip with my boyfriend happened this month. So loved the time away from everything and everyone. And I loved the train journey 😀
  7. What is your favorite physical activity?  Walk & Talk ( specially the weekly conference call with my bestie Kartik & Yogesh) :)
  8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Fruit Punch
  9. What is your favorite flower?  Red, yellow roses
  10. What is your passion?  Writing poetry , Reading fiction , cooking for loved ones.

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award onto 15 nominees and let them know.

Now as per the rules.. some facts about me:

  • First Love for me is words – Writing and reading are like breathing to me.
  • I love to cook. I haven’t started trying different stuff yet but I am making my own lunch & dinner regularly to master the basics of this art.
  • I am a huge fan of crime / mystery shows. And I do watch them on laptop religiously every week. ( not indian ones , except a rare few)
  • I prefer waking up to /my best friend and roomie Shalini’s voice ( with bed tea of course ) and a sweet good morning text from boyfriend.
  • I can not stay alone more than a week. I have never tried, but I know this about myself.
  • I am not a cleanliness freak but I need my bed to be empty before I sleep.
  • I get uncomfortable with silences. Even with people I know and love , i prefer the conversations going.

And now the Blog Reccos ( I leave it upto you to accept the award or do a post like this )

Firstly , the very inspiration for the post : Ghar ka Khaana ( meaning – home made food )
Next is the inspiration behind my renewed cooking interest : Cook-Eat-Burpp
My weekly fun and 55 fiction quota comes from G-Man (he knows it all 😉 )
The best of poetry art can be found at The World Poetized
My dear friend and mother of two lovely daughters, Lynn writes about love and life at Life between the Lines
Eclipse of the Moon – this page has inspired me to write poetry like no one else. The images are wow and so the words.
The very sensible and entertaining guy Bikram writes at Me and my random thoughts
And last recco to A lot of Pages – the book review blog  i am a part of. If you love books , you must check this blog.

Some blogs , some other stuff.

As a kid , I used to wait for the sunday ice creme treat from dad. and even before he could reach the shop , i would sit in front of the gate, waiting for him.
You know what reminds me of this image in my head ? Deboshree !! Every time she post on her blog , I wait for her to start checking other blogs. And finally I would get an email of her liking the post , followed by her comment. How much I always look forward to her words on my posts !!
She is one of the few people whom I not just think but feel and know I would love having as my friend. 
Witty and sensible , her blog is pure delight to read . 
( This is a cue for you to finally click on the hyperlink and read her blog  😛 )
Now that I am finally writing this post , Let me introduce you to another wonderful blog I am hooked to these days. And its NOT a poetry / story blog. This time I am stalking a cookery blog. Such easy , yummy and mostly indian ones. One reason might be that , I have taken up cooking a little more serious now days since I am fed up of eating out (and the results are all great , trust me ) Some day If I ever start posting food pics and recepies,  not to be surprised people .. Till then, do check this blog  by @Womod/Pinksocks
Sadly I am not reading many of the blogs I so love and more sad is the fact that I have no idea why I do not get time for them. April was one month where I could not even finish 2 novels !! ( and I have a goal of 51 for 2012 ) ! But this month looks much better in all aspects .
I finally joined gym (after trying to avoid it from some weeks ) thanks to a tempting offer of some new dresses being gifted to me by a friend !  😀
And my group book review blog can finally see some posts from me again !
Also, I might be soon bidding farewell to two very dear friends , which I can bear knowing that its their shining moment 🙂
No more for now ( I am tired of typing  😛 )
More soon !!
Keep blogging and Stay nice to all !
Love !