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Against all odds

This is for the month of November , the 30 poems for PAD , the milestone of 500 posts and for the December month challenge that I will host.


The odds are high
high as you make;
make if you really wish,
wish for undying desire;
desire to jettison fear –
fear of being left,
left unread or unheard;
unheard are the words
words that can not;
not mob their way out,
out on paper or text files;
files that find ways
ways to behave as they will;
will you still not write,
write your heart and mind ?


Also linked to 3ww

A semi-colon

Yes ! I am talking about a pause, a break here. So thought of semi-colon 😀

Now the pause – We all need break from routine, to give space to our mind and pursue new ideas. Every writer / poet gives one advice to others “READ, Read a lot” And that’s exactly what I have not been able to do lately. I do not regret that I am spending time on listening to music or writing random lines on twitter; but yes, I miss reading poetry blogs. I miss being a part of my blogger friend’s journey with words. And so, after a lot of fight with myself, I decided not to write on this blog for next few weeks. I know so many of you know I can not stop writing when I am in flow, so I am going to keep writing but not posting here. I must read as much as I like to be read. And so my dear friends, I am soon going to visit you all in the next month. Will love if you leave your links in the comments here so i can start right away !

Keep writing.

And keep reading my old posts 😀

Love !

Happy b’day sweetheart

Joys shared, tears shed,
dreams soared, hearts bled,
hopes born, fears put to death
all this and everything you knew,
you compliment me and my love for you.
what would we be without this truth.

today its your special day and no one would be happier than me – to find you, nurture you and protect till now and to keep doing it forever. Love you buddy , love you lots..

happy birthday my blog. Keep growing strong my dear..

April 2011 – A new plan

firstly , A HUGE thanks to SIS [ for feb haiku challenge ] and Cloaked Monk [ for March Challenge ] to keep me writing daily in the past two months. It has been quite a busy time on my blog for me and the usual readers [ 3 posts in 2 days is as difficult to write as to read and comment 😉 ]

April is the National Poetry Month in USA and Canada. And so many of my fellow poet friends would be writing “A poem A day” [ As part of NaPoWriMo ]

I have decided to trace a different path. I am not going to check any prompts all the month [ I swear I will not, unless I notice on some one’s blog 😉] but only read your wonderful poems. And If any image / poem / line on your blog inspires my grey [ or whatever color they are ] cells to work , I will post it on my blog with due link back to the inspiration.

And I also hope to finish the personal poetry project I started a month back [Wish me luck for that please].

And with this I rest my pen [ metaphorically ! I rarely write on paper otherwise ] for a while.

Last [but not the least 😛] I will finally use my time and blog space to share some of the fantabulous words I read . So keep visiting for a ride / dive into poetic seas !

Don’t you be my muse 😉

Stay Blessed and inspired !!

Love and Luck,
PS : Maybe I will complie a list of daily challenge for you on my blog till I am not writing in my free time.

I fear

I have lost count now
of lines that saw light
and many more discarded
for i did not have time.

I still fear the day,
no lines will i have to say.

I have lost track now
of ideas that clicked
and many more forgotten
without even trying a bit.

I am scared of the time
when no ideas will come alive.

I have lost count now
of hours i spent to obsess
I have lost track now
of emotions spent in the process.

I still fear,I am still scared,
the moment i start
to draw a blank for always.

Written for One Shot Wednesday


Some ten months back
a journey was begun,
to write for myself,
to write for pure fun.

Over the days passed,
words became friends
feelings were more clear
the merger was set to trend.

New challenges found
more bloggers sought
new friends i earned
some fears well fought.

Each day a new learning
each poem a milestone
every reader an inspiration
you never let me be alone.

Another words casted
into some rhyming lines
a humble attempt to thank
you,and bless you smiles.


I wanted to thank some people specially but then that list was too long . So i decided to create a new page soon for all the wonderful blogs i love reading.

Thanks you every one who ever read any line written by me.



Monday knocks with poetry pot(luck)
some well versed, some random thoughts
on sunday (I) scribbled on few of my dreams
and memories’ lot. My one (single) impression
on words we hear oft, all this and more i find
when i reach One Shot (Wednesday)
Three words and an images roll
(thursday)some  tales will be spun
if friday flash 55 is to be made fun
Some times i dwell in the big tent (poetry)
and walk along the (poetry) rally too
Imperfect Prose touches my heart
and yet at times haiku(heights) gives me a start.
how can I ever be out of ideas and words
when all these stand as my blog’s best friend.

By now you must have realized this is a compilation of all the prompts i attempt every week. These are the biggest reason for me not to have had a break till now. Thank you.

Written for Z to A challenge – I

PS : All these prompt sites are linked in my sidebar under “inspired by” section.