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You, me and blogs

YOU, my xenagogue
one i never would see or hear
know i love to read you.

xenodochial YOU,
never cease to charm with words
my ideas heed to you.

A xenodochium
for all of us – bloggosphere,
directions ? lead on !

Prompted @ Z to A challege

Also submitted to Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Glossary :
xenagogue – guide; someone who conducts strangers
xenodochial – hospitable; kindly to strangers
xenodochium – building for the reception of strangers

Read lot of “X” words here

And since this post is about blogging, i thought its the best place to include here my latest award from Jingle :

Poet of September Runner up
Poet of September Runner up

Thank you !! 🙂

Need a challenge !

Oh yes, even though i have options of 6-7 prompt sites and all so wonfderful ones , with amazing writer friends meeting there, AM  OUT OF IDEAS !! Most times when i see a prompt, i wish there was more added to it , wish there was a certain rule to it to make it interesting ! Well Maybe i am just getting too many ideas ( actually its no idea 😛 ) So ok friends .. am open to ideas and challenges .. Please leave your comments .. And maybe i will open a new blog to put all your ideas there for others to try ..

Ideas could be photos, phrases, words, music , art or anything !!!


to let the words flow

another clean page

i see them reach other hearts

altering meaning for each

bliss beyond compare

a new post on blog.

Here i attempted to merge two haikus to make sense either read alone or as a poem.

Prompted @ Haiku Heights and Sunday Scribbling

And to add this felling is the fact that Radhika (her blog hyperlinked) presented me with this Award :

What i remember first thing about Radhika’s blog is her post Then (hyperlinked) . She has such briliance in her writing as if words align into sentence as per her desire !! Read her to be amazed and entertained like never before !!

As per the rules of theis award, i pass this to few of the bloggers i enjoy reading every week :

Brian , MoonWriter , Desert Rose , Leo , Jingle , Anthony , Buttercup , G-Man

Am sure i have missed few. Will add them later on.

(Awarded people  are supposed to please pass on this award to 4 (or more) bloogers )

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I am 50 posts young

This is dedication to all my blog readers. Thanks for accepting me so well !

Don’t even know

what, when or how

this page was born;

name changed  twice

template was new thrice

words yet only mine.

Love, life and dreams

or stuff with no mean

through all i been;

penning my heart

first love then hurt

sometimes poles apart;

The journey goes on

varying winds blow

to places unknown;

Till then i shall write

forgive me when not right

and hold me tight;

amidst your cares

here and everywhere

I am always there !


I made this for anyone and everyone who ever visited my blog :

(Feel free to copy and show it on your blogs. I will love that)


And to end this post with one of my favorite song :



Keep visiting !