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The blog is sleeping.
And yes , I am to be blamed for that. Suddenly so much is happening in my life that I have no head or heart in writing anything. This is a short post to say hello to anyone who still drops by. A thank you to friends whom I know are wondering where I am hiding , and a promise that I would be back (soon I hope).

Be good. Keep writing and I promise I would read you all sooner than I start blogging again.

A semi-colon

Yes ! I am talking about a pause, a break here. So thought of semi-colon 😀

Now the pause – We all need break from routine, to give space to our mind and pursue new ideas. Every writer / poet gives one advice to others “READ, Read a lot” And that’s exactly what I have not been able to do lately. I do not regret that I am spending time on listening to music or writing random lines on twitter; but yes, I miss reading poetry blogs. I miss being a part of my blogger friend’s journey with words. And so, after a lot of fight with myself, I decided not to write on this blog for next few weeks. I know so many of you know I can not stop writing when I am in flow, so I am going to keep writing but not posting here. I must read as much as I like to be read. And so my dear friends, I am soon going to visit you all in the next month. Will love if you leave your links in the comments here so i can start right away !

Keep writing.

And keep reading my old posts 😀

Love !